Watermelon Salsa

Watermelon Salsa

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We enjoy our summer watermelons and my 5 year old grandson tried his hand at growing his own watermelons. His little vine produced a whopping crop of 2.


He was excited with his little garden, he’s growing a carrot too. 



Here’s a juicy watermelon recipe to finish out the summer with. Mix it up for your weekend gathering and enjoy the end of watermelon season. 


Watermelon Salsa Recipe

Small seedless round watermelon
Yellow Pepper


Cut the watermelon top off – about 1/4 from the top – you’ll use the watermelon as a bowl for your salsa

Hollow out the watermelon by cutting the flesh of the watermelon in cubes – reserve the juice

Seed and dice the cucumber

Chop the Yellow pepper

Peel and dice the Jicama

Seed and chop the Jalapenos

Combine all the ingredients and add some of the reserved juice to the mixture.

Add mixture to your “watermelon bowl” and serve and enjoy. 

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