Watermelon a Summer Delight

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Bite down into a juicy slice and you know summer is here.

We live in watermelon country, with fields dotted with large and small watermelons as far as the eye can see. We’ve grown our own on occasion, with the grandchildren checking them weekly wanting them to hurry up and ripen so they can pick them.

Summer is not summer without a cool and crunchy watermelon slice on your plate.

Through the years I’ve experimented with different ways to serve watermelon and wanted to share our favorites for you to enjoy.

Minty fresh watermelon salad. 

The first time I mixed watermelon with feta cheese and fresh mint, I thought my hubby’s eyes would fall out. I’d messed up a perfectly good watermelon.

Or, so he thought.

This salad is a beautiful addition to your picnic or Sunday dinner table. Cut your watermelon into bite size chunks or use a melon ball utensil to make small balls, chop fresh mint to mix with the melon and then sprinkle with feta cheese.

Simple and refreshing.

Spice up your slice.

Now I’ve really messed up the watermelon.

Certain spices will enhance the sweetness of your watermelon.

Slice your watermelon and sprinkle with one of these flavor enhancing spices:


Tajin Seasoning

Cayenne Pepper

Or, be a real southerner and sprinkle your slice with Himalayan salt.

Summer fun popsicles. 

Find those popsicle molds that are hiding in the back of your kitchen cabinet and get ready to make some summer fun.

Cut the watermelon into chunks, add to your blender, and pour into your popsicle molds. Freeze until set.

No added sugars, preservatives, or colors. Fresh and cooling on hot summer days.

Summer appetizers. 

Summer weekends are for grilling and fun. Dress up your table with a fresh watermelon appetizer.

Cube your watermelon and wrap each cube with a slice of prosciutto, securing with a toothpick. Top the watermelon cubes with fresh chopped basil.

Grilled watermelon dessert.

Leave the heavy desserts for the fall and winter. Watermelon is the perfect grilled dessert. Sprinkle sliced watermelon with flavor enhancing spices or drizzle with local honey. Place slices on the hot grill for two to three minutes.

Vegan summer tuna.  

Have you gone “meatless” this year?

We eat very little meat, and I am always looking for tasty meatless recipes. I discovered that watermelon can be prepared like tuna. Mix up your tuna marinade and marinade the watermelon for at least an hour. Remove from the marinade, place on baking sheet, bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

Refreshing summer drink.

Watermelon is 92% water, which makes this the perfect fruit for a summer drink. Cube the watermelon, add to your blender with ice and fresh mint for a refreshing summer drink.

From appetizers to dessert and a drink on the side, watermelon is the perfect summer fruit. Cool, juicy, sweet, and versatile you can find a recipe that you and your family will enjoy.

Try these refreshing Watermelon recipes this summer.

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