15 Minutes A Day Exercises

15-Minutes A Day: Fast Workouts for Busy People

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List five things you can do in 15-minutes or less.


Did you put exercise on your list?


We typically feel that exercise routines should last 30-minutes or longer in order to benefit us. What if you could get the same benefits with a 15-minute exercise routine?


Being consistent with a daily exercise routine requires dedication on your part. When you have a family, a home to keep up, and working outside the home; you may need to schedule an appointment with yourself to exercise.


I know I need to exercise, you know you need to exercise. Our problem is that our day is beyond full and trying to fit in an hour dedicated to exercise is hard to do.


My ears perk up when I hear I can get just as much benefit from 15 minutes of exercise vs. an hour.


There’s plenty of ways to fit in a fast workout that still yields results — wherever you are. Prioritizing a few days a week at the gym and the rest of your workouts at home sounds a lot more doable, does it not? Take the pressure off and find what works for you and your schedule with these fast workouts for busy people.


Try these exercises for a quick 15 minute workout…



Planking is a great way to get a lot of exercise done in a short amount of time.  When you assume the plank position, you are working out both your arm and your core muscles. While you will only be doing them for a few minutes at a time, you will see the rapid results with this workout.




Burpees work well as a kind of cardiovascular exercise that also tones muscles. If you’re not sure what a burpee is, it’s simple to explain, but not quite as effortless to do!  You will want to get down on the ground as if you are going to do pushups, do one, and get back up and jump in the air.  Repeat this for as many reps as you can. 



Lunges & Squats

Lunges and squats are both exercises that are very easy to accomplish, and you can get creative with working them into your day.  You can do squats while you brush your teeth morning and night, lunges around the kitchen while dinner is cooking — anytime you are standing still during the day, fit in some squats or lunges to pass the time.



Sworkit App

There are tons of in-home workout apps to choose from, and Sworkit is one that I use and adore.  Customize your own HIIT workout, choosing how long you want to spend exercising, and you’ll get a fantastic workout you can do in the comfort of your own home.




Whether you have them in your house or somewhere nearby in your neighborhood, using a staircase to get in some great cardio is a fantastic idea. Run up the stairs, walk down, and repeat.  Get in as many reps as you can, and you will have a heart-pounding workout in 15-minutes or less.




So no matter what workout you do, make sure you pick one that you know that you are going stick to.  Working out really can be fun if you find some methods that you actually enjoy, rather than dread.


For example, my absolute favorite type of workout is a 15-minute HITT routine I found on YouTube. My least favorite is anything that has me laying on the floor.  It really is all about finding what you enjoy.


What’s your favorite type of workout? 


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