Meet Terri

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Hi, I’m Terri, and this page is a little bit of information about me and why I want to coach women who desire to become healthier.

The butterfly, pictured here, is my favorite butterfly. Fluttering around my yard all summer long, they bring beauty to each day and I just enjoy watching them, they are so pretty.  Their grace and beauty is especially symbolic of how our lives should be: soft, majestic, and free from what weighs us down.

I enjoy watching and listening to nature (I’m sitting on my porch as I write this listening to the birds and cicadas) – wonderful music.

I’m a mother, grandmother and small business owner and never had a weight problem until I turned the magical age of 37 (I had always heard “wait until you hit the age of 36”). Something happens to our bodies once we reach that age. The only time I had ever dieted before then was to lose the weight I had gained during pregnancy.  My youngest child was born when I was 36 and I could not lose those stubborn twenty pounds I had gained.  

The low-fat craze started and I jumped on the program with everything I had. My husband and children hated coming to the table to find “low-fat” everything as their options. We live in the south and our normal meals consisted of fried and fried some more. But I was on a mission and all fried foods were banned.

Weight Loss from low-fat eating = ZERO

Continuing with the low-fat diet, I began to eat all those “healthy” frozen entrees for lunch, sometimes for supper too. I really believed I was eating as healthy as I could. I began to home school my youngest child and operate my business and life got a little hectic. Older children going to college, home schooling the youngest, husband has his own business, I have mine, and dinner from a box or fast food began to be our food of choice. But I would choose to eat the healthier version of fast foods – no fries or hamburgers for me.  

Little did I know what I was doing to my body. I did mention that I live in the south, even though I no longer fried anything I still had to have a biscuit with butter and jelly, or gravy – everyday. Sometimes fresh baked cornbread or homemade bread was called for.  Bread and butter was my desert of choice.

By the time my youngest was going off to college, I had packed on an additional twenty-five pounds. So, I am now 45 pounds heavier than I was when I turned 36. I made a decision and began exercising every single day to lose the weight along with my version of healthy eating.

Weight Loss from exercising every day and my so-called healthy eating = ZERO

Okay, so I apparently I can’t lose weight, but at least I am physically healthy – right?

Understand, I don’t diet very well. I count calories and I tried to eat what I thought was healthier foods, but I never tried the low-carb diet or the high protein diet, or any of the other diets that were popular. Finally I signed up for a meal replacement program, with absolutely no expectation that I would lose any weight.  I asked my oldest daughter if she wanted to join me, she did, and we became accountable to each other.  We had a wonderful health coach during this time and we both lost weight.

I actually lost 56 pounds and got down to what I was when I got married. “Shocked” is an understatement, I’m still shocked that I have maintained the weight loss. During the program I had to learn about food and what it means to eat healthy and stay healthy. I transitioned from the program and began devouring everything I could about how to eat healthy for life. I learned about how our processed foods are basically killing us and decided this was something that everyone should know about. I made the decision and became a health coach to help others learn how the food choices we make effect our overall health.  

To take this on a deeper level, I integrated what I have been learning over the past few years and am now a Wellness Nutrition Coach. Working with women who have hit that age where nothing seems to work in achieving our ideal weight, better health, and overall balance.

I can truthfully say that because I have stopped eating processed foods and eat a healthier diet of real foods, my health is 100% better. Prior to losing my weight I had various aches and pains that would not go away. I thought I had carpel tunnel in my hand and was not able to bend my middle finger when I closed my hand into a fist. One night I woke up with two of my fingers literally locked and bent. I could not straighten them and I panicked because it was my right hand and I am right handed. I was able to get them unlocked and began to wear a hand brace to bed at night.  I could not put pressure on one of my knees due to the pain, and I had plantar fasciitis in the bottom of one of my feet, which made walking extremely painful. All of this has healed without any medical treatment and all I have done is stopped eating processed foods and began to eat real foods. My skin is hydrated, where I did have dry flaky skin, I have more energy, and I just feel so much better.

My goal as a Wellness Nutrition Coach is help women who struggle to reach their ideal weight, live under constant stress and just feel out-of-sorts with themselves achieve better health, attain more energy and learn to let go of stress. I want to help you discover where you are nutritionally, what your stress factors are, and then help you develop a plan of action to achieve a healthy balance in your mind, body, and spirit.

Make today the day that you begin your own journey toward balanced health.

Getting started is a simple click away. Contact me for more information on how to transform your life.