Terri King

How I went from being an overweight, fatigued, and in pain 50+ year old woman to helping others overcome a life of health frustration to create a healthier life they enjoy.

Before there was an opportunity to help others create healthier habits, there was me…a frustrated working mama that was tired of being tired.

I was fed up with the pain.

I was fed up with the stubborn weight gain – 56 pounds over 20 years.

I became desperate to find a solution.

No matter what I did, nothing was changing. Being concerned that I would fall apart before turning 55, I began searching.

Desperate, Defeated, Determined…

Finding answers is no easy task.

Years of thinking I was eating healthy had led me to the point of desperation. I know the difference between a bad food choice versus a healthy food choice. I know that I need to exercise, and I was exercising like never before. This is going…

To work.

Twelve months of eating healthy (my concept of what healthy eating is) and exercising daily led me to gaining more weight. And, no, this wasn’t muscle mass

Unless you consider my expanding muffin top muscle.

What a moment of defeat.

This was my moment.

I am not a quitter. I turned my desperation and my moment of defeat into massive determination.

And when I finally began to understand what my body had been yelling at me for the past 20+ years…

….I was amazed that:

“I’m losing weight, I have more energy, and my joint pain is gone.”

I discovered how to eat foods that worked WITH my body and NOT against it. 

And I determined to…

Learn all I could about making better life choices with healthier decisions. Going back to school was no easy feat, as I and my husband own businesses that require our attention daily. But my passion to help you was greater than my uneasiness of taking this step of faith. Our youngest was graduating college and there was no reason not to take this bold step of going back to school to become certified as a Transformational Nutritional Coach with a focus on Digestive Health.  

And I did.

Determination led to Accomplishment.

Through the years, I’ve had the pleasure to work with clients ready for change.

Not just “any change”… 

But change that transformed their health. You are so much more than a number on a scale. Your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being works together to either create health for yourself or disease.

Which do you prefer?

Of course, you prefer better health.

That is why I founded Balanced Health and You. I’m not a “diet” coach, I’m a Transformational Nutrition Coach that looks at your “whole” self to help you learn to develop a well-rounded healthier lifestyle.

I’m able to do this because I teach what I know.

I teach you what I’ve personally done to create better health for myself. I know it works because I’ve been creating better health for myself since 2014. I love what I do and I want you to love being healthier through learning healthier habits for yourself.

If you like the thought of feeling better and getting healthier, then get started with one of my free healthy habit challenges, check them out here.

Ready to go from “Frustration” to “Determination” and take ACTION?

Start with one of my healthy habit challenges:

Healthier Habits

Habits can work for you or against you. Learn to develop healthier habits that will help you create a healthier lifestyle.

Healthier Mornings

As your morning goes, so goes your day. Learn how to take the stress our of your mornings.

Healthier Lifestyle

Every area of your life has an impact on your health as a whole. Learn how to create better health for yourself.

A Little About Me

Wife, mother, and grandmother. Love them dearly.

Owner of a successful Bookkeeping / Tax Preparation Business since 1993.

Can sit on the beach all day with a good book and plenty of water.

Enjoy old movies and 70’s rock.

Favorite pastime is any type of craft. My craft cabinets are small craft stores.

Life is better with a beautiful shepherd dog and a spoiled goat.  

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