6 Habits to Create a Healthy Mindset

6 Habits to Reset Your Mindset to A Healthier Mindset

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You may or may not consider the health of your mindset, but know this, the health of your mindset matters.

Here’s common questions individuals have asked about mindsets:

  • How can I keep my mind healthy?
  • How do I keep a good mindset?
  • How can I set my mind to lose weight?
  • How do I get the right mindset to eat healthy?

Great questions and ones I enjoy deep diving with my clients about.

This is the first step I take when working with clients, determining the health of their mindset.

I learn a lot from this little exercise; it tells me whether an individual is ready to achieve their goals or not.

How do you cultivate and maintain a healthy mindset?

Take a moment and consider your lifestyle. What is the health of your emotions, your physical self and psychological well-being?

Your happiness and success in life is determined by the health of your mindset.

When you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t believe in the possibilities of life. Healthy habits of thought will create a healthy mindset.

Are you ready to cultivate a healthier mindset?

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Let me share some practical steps you can take today toward a healthier mindset….

1. Love and Accept Yourself

You are unique.

Do you believe that statement?

Your answer to that one statement will speak volumes over the health of your mindset.

Some people only see the flaws and faults in themselves and walk around defeated.

When you learn to see yourself as unique and accept yourself with all your flaws and talents, you’re on the path to creating a healthy mindset.

Your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase and you’ll no longer compare yourself with others but will walk in the confidence of who you are.

You’ve learned to love and accept yourself.

2. Encouraging and Positive Support

Who are your “balcony people”?

These are the ones who cheer you on and support you as you travel through life.

Consider the people you surround yourself with. Do they lift you up, or, do they tear you down?

Surround yourself with those who lift you up. I know it can be a challenge to release all the negative people from your life; but do your best to limit your exposure and build yourself a network of friends that support your dreams and goals.

Learn to be an encourager and surround yourself with encouragers. Your mindset will naturally begin to become healthier.

3. Grow from the circumstances of life

Are you a “glass half full” or a “glass half empty” kind of person?

Taking every challenge, every circumstance, every opportunity and deciding to learn something valuable from it, will help you create a healthier mindset.

Life happens, and sometimes it can get ugly, but your response to life determines your health. Learning to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly circumstances of life; will change you into a person who sees no limitations before them.

Be that person.

4. Live a life you love and enjoy

When it was time for my children to spread their wings and fly, I encouraged them to choose occupations that were meaningful to them. To love what they do and to know that only then would they be truly successful.

Are you living a life that you love and enjoy?

If not, why not?

Your life truly matters and when you’re living the life you find joy from, you have less stress, less anxiety and better health.

Discover your purpose and make the decision to live your purpose. You’ll be surprised where life may take you when you begin to create a healthier mindset and choose to follow your purpose.

Are you living your purpose?

5. Finding beauty in life

What are your first thoughts of your day?

Do you walk through your day seeing beauty in yourself and others?

A grateful mindset is one that allows you to appreciate life and your surroundings. From the sun rising to the sun setting, the day holds a vast number of things to appreciate.

Have you learned to appreciate the little moments of life?

When you do, you are creating a healthy mindset that allows you to embrace your day and see the positives around you.

6. Freedom from emotional bondage

How do you express your emotions?

There was a time when I would explode and everyone around me knew to stay clear. A strong indication of a very unhealthy mindset.

Today, I’m a totally different person. What changed? My view of my circumstances and understanding who I am to myself.

Do I get upset with life? Sure, but now I express my emotions in a positive, rather than negative, way.

Learning to express your emotions, to yourself and to others, creates a healthier mindset.

The best way to channel your emotions is with a journal. Write everything you’re feeling down on paper – real or digital – and release those emotions from your inner being.

If you feel that you need to discuss how you are feeling with someone else, write down what you would like to say first and then discuss the situation with them in a positive way.

Don’t allow your emotions to rule over you. Release the negative and grow in the positive; your mindset will continually become healthier in the process.

A healthy mindset does not happen all on its own. All of us need to reset our mindset in order to achieve the success we desire in life. Look back over the six habits and choose one to work on this week. You’ll be surprised how a healthier mindset can transform your life.

Take the challenge and let me know our progress.  You can join my free members Facebook group: Healthy Living for Life and share your thoughts.

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