Change your thoughts change your world

Change Your Thoughts Change Your World

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What’s the health of your mindset?

Have you considered whether you have a “fixed” mindset or a “growth” mindset?

How does your mindset affect your everyday well-being and your health?

These are questions that we typically don’t ask ourselves. We go through our days, set goals and then wonder why we fail to reach them.

Your success is tied to your mindset.

Learning to recognize which type of mindset you have will help you achieve the healthier lifestyle you’ve been working toward.

Here’s some tips on how to develop a growth mindset…

Positive vs Negative Mindset

Are you a “glass half full” or a “glass half empty” individual?

This is your mindset and an easy way to determine whether you have a fixed or growth mindset.

A positive mindset will take the circumstances of life and grow from them. A negative mindset will take the circumstances of life and allow those circumstances to bring an attitude of defeat into their life.


Positive Growth Mindset: I’ve been trying to lose weight without success. Yet, I know that if I continue to eat healthier, I’ll achieve my goals.

Negative Fixed Mindset: I’ve been trying to lose weight without success, so there’s no point in continuing with eating healthier. Everyone in my family is overweight, I was born to be this way. Where’s the fries?

Same situation, just different mindsets. Which one is yours?

Journal Your Thoughts

You really don’t who you are until you start journaling your thoughts.

Take time each day to journal how you feel. You’ve set goals to begin living healthier, how’s that going?

Talk about it in your journal.

What are your struggles?

What are your victories?

How can you move toward more victories?

Writing down your feelings will allow you to release your feelings of negativity and direct you toward a more positive mindset.

Your goal with journaling is to see progress. This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Healthy Mindset Affirmations

What do you say to yourself when you get up in the morning?

Is it “UGH, another day” or “What a wonderful day!”

The tone for your day is set by your first thoughts.

Let me challenge you to start your day with healthy mindset affirmations.

Use this free affirmation guide to get you started.

Click the image below to get access to this resource. 

Healthy Social Environment

Who’s your “balcony people?”

Who cheers you on?

Who can you pour out your soul to?

Creating a healthy social environment is critical to helping you achieve success with your health goals.

Take notice of who builds you up and those who tear you down. Try to limit your engagement with those who tear you down. I know this can be difficult if you live with them, so use your journal to pour out your feelings and stay in contact with those who lift you up.

Healthy Habits

Your daily choices with eating and self-care effect your mindset.

Too little sleep and you’ll find yourself tired and irritable.

Set a goal to get as much rest as possible for your lifestyle.

Eating unhealthy foods will cause many health problems, which in turn causes stress and worry.

What steps can you take today to eat healthier?

Journal your food choices and determine which foods are causing unhealthy reactions.

Build yourself up to healthier habits one step at a time. Your mindset, as well as your body, will be refreshed.

Is changing your mindset easy?


Is changing your mindset possible?


How do I know?

I’ve followed these steps and have created a healthier mindset for myself.

Are you ready to change your mindset?

Let me invite you to take part in my 7 day “Mindset Reset – Unleashing the Magic Within” program.