Your Decisions Matter – Making the Most of Your Decisions

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Decisions – Decisions – Decisions

Every day we make about 35,000 decisions.

Some good, some not so good.

As one who promotes healthy habits, let’s look at healthy decisions that lead you to better health. 

Each day you decide how you’re going to live your day. 

Here’s a few you may consider during the day:

  • Do I really want to get early to exercise?
  • Should I grab the pastry for breakfast or drink a protein smoothie?
  • Go through the drive-through at lunch or take a healthy salad to work?
  • Walk or not to walk?
  • Drink my water or a soda?
  • Go to bed early or stay up and watch the movie?

Do you see how easy it is to choose between good healthy decisions and bad decisions that lead you further from your health goals? 

How do you make good decisions day after day? 

First, Know and Understand your Why. 

Without a solid “why”, you’ll find yourself caving into unhealthy habits every time you don’t feel up to the challenge. 

What’s your Why? 

Write it down, make it part of who you are. 

For me, I don’t want to grow feeble as I age. I want to be able to do what I’m doing today ten years from now. I can run, stoop, climb, and more today. I want my bones to stay strong, my skin not to grow thin, my energy to stay with me. This is my “Why.”

Keep Learning about what’s good for you. 

Fads come and go. Eat this – not that. Exercise this way – not that way. 

Jump off the fad cycle and learn to eat and live healthy.

What does that mean? 

You know your body best. Make the decision to eat whole foods and to exercise regularly. Swap unhealthy choices for healthier choices. As you learn how whole foods create better health, you’ll want to eat healthier. 

Adopt a Growth Mindset. 

Ask yourself if you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. 

A fixed mindset says that nothing is going to change, no matter how many good decisions you try to make. 

I suffered from this mindset for years. I truly believed that it didn’t mater what I did, change was not in my future. 

Now I enjoy a growth mindset and I know that if I want to change, I can. So can you. 

Set yourself up to win with a growth mindset and believe in yourself. 

Love Yourself. 

Too many times we make decisions to live healthier and find ourselves slipping back into our old unhealthy habits. 

Do you love yourself? 

You can slip and fall along the way toward developing healthier habits as long as you pick yourself up, give yourself a hug, and move forward. You haven’t failed, you’re learning what not to do. 

I’ve learned that I cannot buy fresh tortilla chips from the bakery. Why? Because I crash and burn eating the entire bag in one sitting. I slipped and fell for months before I learned that this is a trigger food that I need to avoid. Did I give up? No. I love myself enough to know my weaknesses and to keep moving forward. 

I know you can do this too. 

Set Yourself Up to Win. 

This is the hard decision; setting yourself up to win at developing healthier habits for life. 

You did not get unhealthy yesterday and you’re not going to get healthy by tonight. This is a lifelong journey that you need to take one step at a time.

Setting big goals are great, until you become discouraged because you can’t see yourself moving forward. 

This is why I teach my clients to set smaller goals within their larger goals. We celebrate every win, not just the big ultimate win. 

How have you broken your large goals down into smaller goals? 

This is where I can help. Just click here to schedule a complimentary Healthy Habit Consultation – my gift to you. 

Your decisions matter, especially when it comes to developing healthier habits. When you’re serious about becoming healthier, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. 

To see success, you’ll need to

  • Know your why
  • Keep Learning
  • Adopt a Growth Mindset
  • Love Yourself
  • Set Yourself up to Win

 Let’s get started. Click here to access my complimentary gift to you, a Healthy Habits Consultation.