Have your lost sight of your health goals?

Have You Lost Sight of Your Health Goals

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Have you lost sight of your health goals?

We set goals for many areas of our life. We’re going to eat better, exercise more, sleep more, enjoy family and friends, work less, and the list goes on and on.

What happens when you realize you’ve lost sight of your health goals and life has continued to be the same day-in and day-out?

Allowing yourself to give up on your goals just because life got in the way, is not what your want for yourself or what I want for you either.

I want you to succeed in reaching your goals and want to share my favorite ways to help you get back on track to achieving your health goals.


Consider Your Feelings  

How do you feel about yourself when you lose sight of your health goals?

Often, we beat ourselves up or become angry and frustrated at ourselves for failing to stay on track.

Here’s my secret: Allow yourself to feel your feelings.

Allowing yourself to embrace your feelings will allow yourself to understand what’s going on with your emotions. Grab your journal and start writing about your feelings and what is causing you to feel the way you do.

  • Why are you angry at yourself or someone else?
  • What is causing your frustration?
  • Why do you feel there’s no point in trying again?

Write it down and reflect on why you feel this way. Be honest with yourself and discover how your feelings may create a roadblock to achieving your health goals.


Learn to share your feelings

Do you have someone you can share your feelings with?

When you feel like you have failed yourself in staying on track with your health goals, you’ll find that talking with a friend or loved one can bring a fresh perspective on your situation.


Be kind to yourself

Just because you fell, doesn’t mean you can’t pick yourself up and get going again.

Our emotions can either pick us up or keep us down. Your goal is to learn to be kinder to yourself.

Choose to speak positive affirmations over your life and begin to the healing of your emotions.


Life is a journey

You fall, you get up, you fall, you get up. Some days are better than others. Yet, through it all, we learn that life is a journey where you learn how to strengthen yourself as you take your next step forward.

Think back over the last few months. What health goals have you set for yourself? Has the journey been straight and on target, or, has your journey been one of hills and curves?

Most of us travel a path that twists and turns with lots of stumbling blocks along the way.

What makes you stumble?

How can you strengthen yourself so that you will be prepared for the next stumbling block?

Learn how life makes your stumble so that you can face those situations with a stronger sense of control the next time.

Always be open to learning how you respond to your life’s journey.


Become Stronger and Better

Learning how to respond to your life’s journey will help you become stronger and better. Reaching your health goals can be a challenge, especially when you are constantly thrown off track.

Allow yourself to constantly grow from your ups and downs.

What have you learned about yourself?

Are you disappointed in yourself or do you feel challenged?

What can you do differently the next time?

Are you willing to get up and take the next step?

Learn to focus on your health goals and not the slips and falls. Be forgiving of yourself and know that this is a lifelong journey and one that you can accomplish.

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