Make this Your Best Year

Make This Your Best Year – Turning Resolutions into Intentions

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It’s a new year and you may be thinking about how you want this year to be different. Setting goals or resolutions that will spur you into action to help you lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, live better.

Resolutions are great on January 1st. but are soon forgotten by January 17th.

Can you relate?

This year I’m setting intentions rather than resolutions.

Resolutions are goals that are rigid with lots of what you aren’t going to do. You want to lose weight, so you tell yourself you can’t eat this or that. You’re focused on the number of pounds you want to lose. After a few weeks you’re tired telling yourself what you can’t do and watching the scale stay at the same number.

Intentions free you from the rigid rules of resolutions. You want to lose weight, but rather than focus on the number on the scales and what you’re not allowed to eat, you focus on how you can make healthier choices today.

Here’s how you can make this your best year with healthy intentions.

Getting Better Sleep

Resolution: I’m going to bed by 9:30p.m. every night.

Do you see how rigid that is? Does your lifestyle allow you to this every night?

Set the intention to get better sleep.

Begin by creating a bedtime routine. Download an app that will help you remember to start winding down 30 minutes before bedtime. Prepare a nice warm cup of tea that promotes sleep. Lavender tea or a sleepy time tea are great choices. Turn off your electronics, start a journal to write about your day or a gratitude journal to end your day on a positive note.

Try retiring 15-minutes earlier than you did last night and work to increase your sleep time so that by the end of the year you’re sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night.

Eating Healthier

Resolution: I’m eating only salads for a month.

You’ll probably last two days with this one. Diets are restrictive and never fun.

Set an intention to eat healthier.

Salads are great, but there’s so much more to eating healthier. Take time to write a meal plan for your week filling it with the healthy foods you enjoy. Your favorite veggies, fruits, healthy proteins, and complex carbs. Don’t forget your snacks. Snacks that include fruits, nuts, and seeds are great options. Always try something new. Challenge yourself to try a new vegetable or fruit. Freshen up your spice and herb rack with new flavors. Keep your plate colorful and you’ll find yourself enjoying mealtime. Drink plenty of water with your meals and enjoy your favorite tea.

Move Your Body

Resolution: I’m going to the gym everyday this year.

The number two resolution is to exercise more. That’s great until you don’t want to get out of the bed an hour earlier.

Set an intention to move your body more.

Keeping your body physically fit helps keep your energy levels up, relieves stress, and helps you sleep better at night. Setting an intention to move more during your day is as easy as taking the stairs rather than the elevator. Parking further from the door of your office or at the store. Putting a desk cycle under your desk to help you pedal during the day. Or a standing desk treadmill. Download a walking app to encourage you to monitor your steps during the day. Think of what you enjoy when it comes to moving and add these to your day.

Less Stress and More Joy

Resolution: I’m going to live my life to the fullest.

You’ve decided that you’ll live the right kind of life. Before you know it, life gets in the way and you’re living day-to-day just like before.

Set an intention to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Pay attention to your day, what’s on your calendar, what creates stress in your life? How can you let go of anything that is dragging you down and stealing your joy? If something doesn’t make you feel good or improves your life, ask yourself if you really want to spend your energy on it. Get comfortable saying no to plans if they make you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable. Prioritize yourself and your needs to make room for the parts of life that fill your cup.

Make this your best year when you begin making small changes in your life. As you add small healthy habits to your life, they will begin to stack on top of each other and by the end of the year, you’ll find yourself feeling better. You’ll be sleeping better, eating healthier, moving more, and living with joy.

Turn your resolutions into intentions this year. You can get started with my Resolutions Refresh Workbook Guide. You’ll deep dive into five areas of your life and set healthy intentions for yourself.

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