get free from the hamster wheel of life

Get Free From the Hamster Wheel of Life

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What about life excites you?

How often do you allow yourself the time to do what excites you?

Most of the time our lives resemble life in a hamster wheel. One day blends into the next without change. Before we know it, another year has passed and here we go again.

How do we jump off the hamster wheel and make time to do more of what we love?

Here’s a few steps to help you find time to do more of what excites you…

1. Your Dream List

Let’s be honest, we tend to put our dreams on the back burner of life and forget about them.  The hamster wheel keeps rolling through the days and months and all our dreams sit there untapped.

What would you like to spend time doing?

Make a list of those things or activities that excite you and you dream about doing. Your list doesn’t need to be extravagant; simple activities like reading, crafts, hobbies or spending time with friends are perfect.

2. Finding Time

Have you really looked at how you spend your days?

Many time management courses require participants to write down everything you do from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Do this activity for a week and discover where you can actually add time to your day to do those things that excite you.

3. Getting Off the Hamster Wheel

How can you get off the hamster wheel of life?

How can you change your routines so that you can discover something new every day?

This step takes a little more effort, especially if you are a routine type of person. It’s when you break your routine that you discover excitement in life.

Try something new today – take a new route home, throw a sheet on the floor and have a supper picnic, take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, buy fresh flowers for your desk or home.

4. Turn the negative to a positive

I’ve shared three simple steps that will help you put more of what you love doing into your life; but….

As you read the three simple steps, what negative thoughts came to mind?

It’s those negative thoughts that will keep you on the hamster wheel of life and prevent your day from being a day of doing what you love. Negative thinking will convince you that you don’t deserve the life you dream about. Go ahead and make a list of all those negative thoughts you just had about why you can’t find time to do the things you dream about doing.

Now take that negative thinking list and turn it around and create a positive alternative for each obstacle.

Remember, you can’t be your best for others if you’re not loving yourself first.


Share in the comments three things you want to make more room for in your life?

When I went through this exercise, I came up with making time out with friends a priority, painting more and to start reading that stack of books that keeps getting taller. Simple things that I just never seem to find the time to do.

Let me know how you plan to get off the hamster wheel of life and find time to do what excites you.

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