5 Easy Steps to Make Wellness an Everyday Habit

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I believe our family is the family of distractions. They’re so many shinny objects competing for our attention, that we’re constantly running from one thing to the next.

What I’ve noticed, is we’re not unusual.

The more clients I work with, the more I see that distractions are everywhere.

We allow these distractions to keep us from taking care of ourselves to the point of neglect.

How are you taking care of yourself?

What ways are you practicing self-care?

We wake up with running shoes on and rarely sit down long enough to catch our breath.

Then we wonder why we’re tired, irritable, over-weight, and suffering from fatigue.

Taking time for you is important for your health. You can make small changes and develop good habits that leads to wellness. Your challenge is to make the decision to adopt healthier habits.

I’m sure you’ll agree; changing habits can be a challenge. Especially if the habit you’re changing is something you’ve been doing for years.

Let me share 5 easy habits that you can start with that will help you begin to feel better during the day…

Rise and Shine

Set your alarm to rise and shine at the same time each day. This allows you to sleep better and increases your productivity for the day. You’ll feel better and have more energy.

Eating Healthier

Choosing to eat a healthier diet will increase your energy, help you lose weight and you’ll feel better. Eliminate processed foods from your daily diet and eat more whole foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, nuts and seeds.

Daily Exercise

Exercise may be the hardest habit to start, especially if you’re stuck at a desk all day.

Here’s a secret – 10 minutes of boosted exercise will increase your energy and clear your mind.

The easiest way I’ve found to add exercise to my day, is to set my timer on my phone for different periods of the day and then go walk for 10 minutes. At the office, I go to the conference room and walk the perimeter of the room. At home, I’ll walk outside.

The trick is finding a convenient place to get in some exercise during the day. If nothing else, shut the office door and so some HIIT exercises.


Laughter is the best medicine.

From funny video clips to funny apps on your phone, take time to laugh.

Not only will laughter relieve your stress, it will lighten your mood, relaxes you and boosts your immune system.

Be a Friend

Healthy relationships are essential to your health.

You’ll handle stress better, you’ll be healthier, and your emotional health will be better.

Having a healthy support network increases your longevity and overall health.

Take Your Life Back Challenge

Your health is a decision away and these 5 habits are an easy beginning toward a healthier you. Pick one habit that you can start today and then add the others until you’ve accomplished all 5.


Check out the “Take Your Life Back Challenge” to give yourself some self-love. 

Share which habit you’ll start with in our member’s Facebook Group: Healthy Living for Life

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