reaping the benefits of growing in self love

Reaping the Benefits of Growing in Self-Love

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Self-Love may not be something you often think about or rarely do for yourself. I know I don’t.

Now that February is here and the “love” bug is everywhere you look, I realized that self-love is the one thing lacking in most of our lives. We’re so busy taking care of and pleasing others, we often fail to love ourselves.

Where do you think your reservoir of love comes from?

When you don’t love yourself, there is no way you can love others.

This may be harder than losing that extra weight you gained over the holidays.

But just like losing weight can be achieved, self-love can be achieved too.

Here’s six ways you will benefit from self-love…

Self-Love Creates Value

When you begin to live a life of self-love, you begin to understand that you are valuable. You have much to offer this world and you have already given so much. Celebrate you by loving yourself.

Self-Love Creates Boundaries

Are you a “Yes” person?

You know, the one that can never say “No” because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

You get to the point that you’re always doing for others and never doing anything for yourself.

Show yourself some self-love and set some boundaries. Before you say “Yes”, ask yourself how this obligation serves your purpose in life. If you’re going to feel agitated or irritable because you said “Yes”, then you need to say “No.”

Self-Love Creates Confidence

Confidence comes when you’re comfortable with who you are. This happens when you love yourself.

Try this exercise: Write a list of affirmations for yourself and say those affirmations over yourself daily. This helps your brain rewire itself and you bring a positive energy into your life.

Self-Love Creates Self Growth

What goals are gathering dust in your life?

When you practice self-love, you begin to feel empowered and you tackle those goals with a renewed energy.

Make a list of your goals and know that you’re worth achieving them. 

Self-Love Creates Rest

Life is busy and I’m sure you’re busier than ever.

Here’s a fact: all your busyness is causing a lot of your health problems.

I’m one that struggles with busyness; I feel like I’m wasting time if I just sit and do nothing. This is a lie that my brain tells me.

Do you struggle with busyness?

Show yourself some self-love and allow yourself to jump off the cycle of busyness and learn to rest. 

Self-Love Creates Happiness

Are you a happy person?

Look around, there are so many who are truly unhappy. You don’t need to be one of them.

When you practice self-love, you naturally become happier; and when you’re happy, those around you will notice that you’re different and wonder why.

Do them a favor and share with them the act of self-love.

Self-Love is not an easy concept for many of us and to help you learn how to love yourself, I’m offering you a 7 Day Self-Love Challenge. This is a free challenge that will guide you in learning how love yourself.

Click the link below to register for the 7 Day Self-Love Challenge