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There’s an Essential Oil For That

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Holiday Calm, that’s my new phrase for this year’s holiday season. Please join me in making “Holiday Calm” your phrase too this year.

We’ve had enough stress for one year and I believe it’s past time for some “calm” in our lives.

As strange as the year has been, the holiday season may look and feel different from years past. In fact, you may be tempted to allow stress to take over your life and ruin your season.

That is not what I want for me, my family, or you.

Starting today, I’m taking pro-active steps to live in a state of calm rather than a state of stress.

My secret to living in an atmosphere of calm is my everyday use of essential oils.

I bathe, breathe, slather on, and drink essential oils all day long.

I’m a firm believer in using essential oils for any form of stressors in my life and I believe that you will discover calmness in the midst of the holiday season too.

As we enter the season, get prepared to meet stress with calmness with some of my favorite essential oils. 

Stay Calm While Traveling

Whether you’re driving or flying, by yourself or with children, there’s an essential oil to bring a sense of calmness to your well-being.

We use Copaiba essential oil to relieve the anxiety of traveling.

Make a blend of Copaiba and a carrier oil, such as MCT oil or Jojoba oil, pour into a rollerball bottle to roll on your wrists and behind your ear lobes. We also make an aromatherapy diffuser for the car to allow the scent to fill the car and bring calm to all.

Lavender is also known to bring a sense of calm to anxiety feelings. Make a blend with a carrier oil and pour into a rollerball bottle to use as needed.

Stay Calm Upon Arrival

When traveling during the holidays, the trip is just one area that requires a sense of calm.

Arriving at your destination is another area that you may find yourself ready to give in to different stressors.

Whether it’s finding your luggage at the airport, herding your little kittens, I mean children, through the door without losing it, checking in at the hotel, you need to know that staying calm is possible.

For this leg of the trip, use a woodsy essential oil to bring a sense of calm to your feelings of unease.

Our favorites are cedarwood blended with bergamot, fir, or frankincense.

To bring quick relief, put a drop or two in the palm of your hands, rub together, cup your hands over your nose and inhale.

You can also put a few drops on a tissue to keep handy when needed.

Wearing a mask for an extended time, place a drop on the corner of your mask to keep you feeling calm.

 Stay Calm While Visiting

The holiday season brings the family together like no other time of the year.

This year has kept families separated like no other year and hopefully, we’ll gather together this holiday season for a time of joy and catching up on that has happened with each other.

All this togetherness can be fun, but we may find ourselves in moments of overwhelm and in need of an abundance of calm.

On the morning of our family coming together, I begin preparing myself with essential oils to inspire and lift me up.

My favorites are citrus oils such as orange, lime, and lemon. White fir and grapefruit will give you a sense of grounding as your day becomes hectic.

If you’re home, start diffusing blends that refresh and ground in the morning and keep them going all through the day. Mix a blend in a roller bottle, mixed with a carrier oil, to apply on your temples, back of your neck, and behind your ear lobes.

Staying refreshed and calm while visiting with family brings a sense of joy for during your holiday time together.

Staying calm throughout the holiday season allows you to look forward to all that the season has in store for you. Plan ahead and be prepared to stay calm through the holiday season.

Essential oils will not only keep you calm through the holidays, you can also use them to overcome those moments of indulgence.

Food is everywhere during the holidays and you may yourself enjoying a few more servings than you normally eat.

Calming Your Tummy

Sometimes we lose all our will power when we’re faced with so many of our favorite holiday dishes. Some dishes are only served during this season and we know it will be twelve months before we enjoy them again.

So, eat up.

Not long after we put our fork down, we begin to feel sluggish and looking for the nearest couch or recliner. Our pants are too tight and we’re miserable.

There’s an oil for this feeling of sluggishness.

Be prepared for your moments of indulgence with a rollerball of your favorite essential oil. Choose grapefruit, ginger, or peppermint and mix with a carrier oil. When you’ve over-indulged, feel bloated and miserable, rub the oil blend over your tummy area, and massage into the skin. You can also rub into your belly-button. 

Calming Your Winter Skin

Our skin takes a beating during the winter months. From drier air in our homes to the colder air outdoors, our skin slowly becomes drier.

Lavender oil is my top pick to keep my skin healthy during the winter.

I make my body cream with shea butter and coconut oil and lavender oil. Using this cream in the morning and at night keeps my skin healthy throughout the winter months. 

You can mix the lavender oil with a carrier oil and apply directly to your skin for a moisture boost during the winter months.

Not only will lavender protect your skin, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for whatever the day has in store for you.

Get prepared for the holiday season, prepare your roller bottles, label them, and keep them handy for the days ahead. Never leave home without them.

Before you buy your oils, make sure that you are buying high-quality oils. I recommend oils that are organic and naturally sourced. I personally love and use Revive essential oils. They are affordable and of the highest quality. You can find them here >> Revive Essential Oils

Get ready for the holiday season and know that there is an oil for whatever the holidays have in store for you.

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