Seasonal Eating: What to Eat This Spring

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Seasonal Eating: What to Eat This Spring


Seasonal Eating: What to Eat This Spring



Seasonal eating is your natural way to restore your digestive system during the year.


Did you know that eating seasonal food is important for your digestion?


I know I didn’t.


I had never given any thought to the importance of eating food that was in season. With access to every type of food throughout the year, we’re not focused on what is in or out of season; we just buy and eat. I remember being surprised a few years ago when I could buy so called “fresh” strawberries in December; which is not a winter fruit. But, I enjoyed serving them during those chilly winter months.


As I have studied what is required for a healthy digestive system, I’ve learned a lot about seasonal eating. And, eating strawberries in December is not helpful to my digestive system, nor yours.


Eating with the seasons is such a fundamental and interesting topic.  The Earth produces just what we need, when we need it most, in the forms of different fruits and veggies that come and go with the seasons.  Even the nutrients in the soil change from spring to fall. For example, spring leafy greens and root vegetables are known for being bitter, just when our bodies require cleansing from all those warm winter foods.  


The Spring season runs from April through June. To benefit from the cleansing properties of the season, choose true spring fruits and vegetables during these months for your diet. Your digestive system will benefit from the enzymes that these foods contain.


In the same respect, eating in season can be just as comforting, refreshing and natural in every season.  Not only is the flavor incredible when indulging in seasonal fruits and veggies, but the cost is also lower when a food is in season.



Here are a few of my favorite fruits & veggies in season…


Blueberries –  As popular as strawberries, blueberries are a powerhouse fruit.  High in antioxidants, which are essential to fighting free radicals that can cause cell damage, blueberries are a major plus to any diet. Native to North America, we have easy access to them throughout the season. Choose blueberries that are firm and have a uniform color. Add blueberries to your smoothie, yogurt, salads, teas and lemonade.


Broccoli  –  Broccoli, a staple in my kitchen during the spring and fall. For the best outcome, select fresh broccoli heads with tight, bluish-green florets. It’s an excellent source of folate, vitamins, and dietary fiber.  I enjoy broccoli raw or lightly steamed.


Mangos  –  Mangos are quite popular year-round, but more so in the Northern Hemisphere this spring. Select firm mangos with a savory aroma, and try to avoid mangos with sap on skin.  Cut these up atop your salads, toss them in your smoothies, or enjoy them raw. I’ve got a great blueberry mango sorbet to share with you. 


Snow Pea  –  Popularly known as a Chinese pea pod, snow pea is another great green veggie available this spring. Good snow peas are flat and shiny with tiny peas inside and are high in manganese and iron. Fresh snow peas in your salad add a delightful healthy crunch. Give some a try. Depending on your climate, you may only have access to fresh snow peas in early spring. 


Spinach  –  This season, pick crisp, fresh, green bunches that show no evidence of pest infestation. Rich in folate, manganese, magnesium, vitamins, and dietary fiber.  Sauté some spinach as a compliment to your eggs in the morning or use it raw in a fresh salad. A fresh spinach salad topped with strawberries and blueberries is my favorite during the spring. 


Strawberries  –  Strawberries are a spring fruit staple – packed with vitamin C and folate. Free from fat and sodium, good strawberries are firm and bright red in color. From late March through May, strawberries are a staple in my kitchen. Of course it helps that we have a local strawberry farm.  


Save this guide to your Pinterest Board for future reference and research other fruits and vegetables that are in peak season for the spring. Be sure to revolve your recipes around these in-season produce, and you’ll reap the benefits of eating fresh fruits and veggies in-season.


Spring Seasonal Eating