Healthy Eating on the Go

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Do you struggle with trying to eat healthy while being on the go all the time?

I know I do – SIGH


Some days are better than others and I have to be very intentional about my day BEFORE I leave the house. Let’s just say, “That doesn’t always happen.”


Let me share some tips with how I have managed to stay away from the fast food restaurants for over 5 – YES – 5 Years and counting. My rule is, if it has a drive through, we don’t stop. Needless to say, that takes practice and determination.


Healthy ways to eat while on the “GO”…


If you’re going out, but will be back before your next meal, pack some nutritious snacks. 


I keep almonds in my purse at all times. Ten almonds will curb that craving while you’re out and about. If you’re children are with you, pack some healthy snacks – pretzels, nuts, grapes, apples. 


When your errands and activities are going to have you away from home at the next meal time, and you don’t have time to go to a “sit down” restaurant, then choose very wisely at that processed food drive through. Every fast food restaurant has a salad, just make sure you get a vinaigrette based salad dressing, not the creamy sugar laden processed options.


More and more fast food restaurants are catering to those of us who desire healthier food choices.  Download this app on your phone “Healthy Out” to find the healthy restaurants in your area. 


For your children, choose the grilled option for their meat and fruit instead of french fries. I know, I hear the screams from here. We’ve slowly converted our crew and guess what – they’re still living. They just know that “grandma isn’t going to buy us french fries and sodas.”


That brings up the drink problem. Fix your water bottle before you leave the house and keep it with you at all times. I also carry natural lemonade packets in my purse for the children. We order water and I mix up the lemonade for them. This keeps their sugar intake at zero.


Here’s a little guide to help you navigate how to eat Healthy on the Go. I even give you a quick little trail mix recipe that you can throw together and take with you. 

Healthy Eating on the Go


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Eating healthy on the go is possible, you just have to be intentional and not let the day take you by surprise. Remember to keep perishables in a cooling bag and enjoy eating healthy.


Share your favorite “on-the-go” snack ideas and how you navigate eating healthy while on the go in our Facebook Community Healthy Living For Life. Can’t wait to see your ideas.  


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Healthy Eating on the Go