Purify Your Naturally

Purify Your Air Naturally Using Essential Oils and Plants

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Purifying the air in your home should be a simple process, but know this, all air fresheners are not safe.


I enjoy a clean house with the air smelling nice and clean. Each decade has brought its own set of strategies for keeping the house smelling nice and fresh. From candles everywhere to those little bottles plugged into every room, I’ve tried them all.


Then I began to study and learn about how toxins play a role in our overall health and all those chemicals I was releasing into the air of our home wasn’t healthy at all.


How do you know if the air in your home is pure or loaded with toxins?


According to the EPA, poor air quality can cause the irritation of your eyes, nose and throat. You may experience headaches, dizziness and fatigue, and a lot of sneezing. 


As I work with clients, I ask many questions to determine how their lifestyle is impacting their overall health. The air you breathe is just as important as the food you eat. We know that eating chemical laden foods are unhealthy for us and the same goes for breathing poor air. Air quality does impact your health.


Breathing is a part of life that’s of utmost importance, but something we rarely spend much time thinking about — our bodies naturally take care of this task for us without any thought.  There’s nothing sweeter than taking a deep breath of fresh mountain air or breathing in the salty air as you look out over the ocean.  Yet, we’re staying indoors more and more and breathing recycled air.


For those of you who work in an office environment, pay attention to how you feel while at work. Recycled air in an office can create a multitude of health symptoms. 


There are many simple things you can do to assure the air in your home, or office, stays as pure as possible, and my favorite ways to do this are using plants and essential oils.  These, together and separate, can remove toxins that you don’t see, clean the air in your home, and add an ambiance all the while. 


Breathe new life into your home by using these plants and essential oils to purify your living space…


Aloe Vera

Not only is it a great plant to keep around for relieving burns, but it’s also amazing for drawing formaldehyde from the air. Yes, you have formaldehyde in your air. Your furniture contains formaldehyde and is released into the air.


An Aloe Vera plant is low-maintenance – my kind of plant – and one little plant will work wonders in small places. One plant will lead to many, so be prepared.


Lemon Essential Oil

Are you taking advantage of the benefits of essential oils?


Lemon essential oil has many uses, with one being the ability to purify the air. Place a few drops in a diffuser and let this oil get busy purifying the air you breathe.


Need a mood booster, lemon essential oil will lift your mood as you breathe in the fresh scent of clean air. Diffuse some in the morning as you get ready for your day.



Ferns are so pretty and green and are perfect for your bathroom space because they’re happiest in humidity. Ferns will absorb the toxins that are in the air, allowing you to breathe easier. Our homes are filled with various toxins and just knowing that this pretty plant is helping us stay healthy is reason enough to put them throughout your home.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is a staple in my home. I make my own bathroom cleaner and eucalyptus oil is a main ingredient. There’s a reason you smell this essential oil in spas everywhere. It purifies the air to keep it fresh plus it is an ideal natural decongestant. Use it in the chillier months or when allergies strike to clear the air and your sinuses too.


Spider Plant

If you’ve avoided keeping plants around the home because you’re not good at keeping them alive, then this plant is a good choice. There is absolutely nothing “green” about my thumb. My plants must be self-sufficient, and the spider plant meets that requirement. It doesn’t need watering very often and is fantastic for absorbing any chemicals released into your air.


Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree oil is known for its antiseptic and antiviral properties. But did you know that you can use it to fight mold. Mold lurks in the seen and the unseen areas of our home and releases toxins into the air we breathe. Combine 1 teaspoon of Tea Tree oil with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle, shake and spray. Wipe the area clean and breathe well.



Chrysanthemums are ranked the highest for air purification. This is not a plant I have success with – it requires sun, water and pampering. It is the perfect plant for all of you who have the greenest thumbs on earth.


This is a great late summer and early fall plant to have around your home. The flowers will last about six weeks and will filter out the toxins in your air, keeping your home’s air clean and fresh.


Snake Plant

I love this plant – it defies death. I know – I’ve tried. If you have a space in your home that doesn’t get much sunlight and you forget to water your plant, you’ll like this plant. It’s as easy to care for as the spider plant too. This plant is toxic to your pets, so be careful.



For the best clean air in your home, try incorporating both plants and essential oils. You can diffuse the oils, or you can spray them around your house daily. Unless you have a considerable space, one plant should do the trick in each room. See how much better you feel when you purify your air naturally!


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