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Making Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep This Year

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Do you begin each year making resolutions for the new year?

I’ve tried and failed more years than I like to admit.

Yet, here we are again, another year has passed and we’re on the fast-track of a new year.

Do you feel like you live in a whirlwind?

Does it seem like the years fly by faster each year? 

Sometimes I can’t believe how fast they go by, and this year is no exception.  We get wrapped up in our schedules, and before we know it, we’re making holiday plans again with our loved ones. 

Same goes for New Year’s Resolutions.  We proudly proclaim them at the beginning of each year with the best of intentions.  We really mean to accomplish them, but nearly all of them fall flat before Spring even hits. 

There are many reasons why this happens.  To stick with your resolutions, you’ve got to be realistic about your goals. Here are some tips for creating resolutions you’ll actually keep so that when New Year’s rolls around again; which will be here before you can blink, you can try making a new resolution instead of the same ones year after year.

1. Set up a reward

Do you reward yourself?

Rewards are great motivators, especially when we’re working to achieve our goals.

Whatever you’ve decided, be it weight loss or quitting smoking or even both, you’re more likely to make a positive change in your behavior if you have a reward waiting down the line.

Make your goals manageable. Just saying that you just want to lose weight has no direction, which is why your resolution fizzles out before reaching it.  Make checkpoints along the way if you’re going to see those results and make those rewards unrelated to food.

2. Pair up with your friends

Keeping resolutions is much better when you bring friends along.

Getting together with friends to better yourself is an excellent way to build up your new good habits. Whether it’s taking a class together at the gym or learning a new craft like painting or pottery, teaming up with your friends will make it much more likely you won’t give up on your goals.

3. Keep a written record

Do you journal?

Writing down your resolutions makes it more front and center in your mind. In fact, starting a journal around your resolutions is highly recommended. You can write what you’ve done each day to get to that goal.

4. Dissect your resolutions into tangible goals

Are you serious about your resolutions?

Writing down your resolutions will help you stay on track.

This year, write your resolutions down, then dissect them into what you’re going to do to get there. So, if your goal is to lose 50 pounds, determine what you’ll need to do daily and write those steps down.

To get started, you can commit to 15 minutes of exercise per day to start and then increase it at a checkpoint. You can also commit to swapping out some unhealthy items every week.

You’ll be amazed at how well you’ll achieve your resolutions by breaking them down into achievable steps.

5. Share your resolutions

If you really want to succeed, share your resolutions with your friends and family. You’ll find much support and possibly teammates to take along for the journey.

Don’t let another year of unresolved resolutions fly by. Make this year your year, it’s entirely within your reach. 

What are you excited about in the new year?

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