How to debloat your tummy naturally

How to Debloat Your Tummy Naturally

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The Monday morning tummy bloat, UGH!

Do you suffer from tummy bloating?

I don’t know about you, but it seems that my tummy is bloated more on Monday than any other day of the week. Sometimes it takes until Wednesday for the bloating to go away. Which is why I only weigh on Wednesday morning.

If you suffer from tummy bloat, you may wonder how to get rid of it naturally.

First let’s look at what tummy bloating is?

Bloating is an abnormal general swelling which may cause abdominal pain, increased stomach growling and can at times be accompanied by gas.

This can be caused by overeating, stress and/or not chewing food properly. It’s imperative to avoid those to remain bloat free.

Here’s my three simple home remedies to debloat your tummy naturally...

1. Water:

 Dehydration is one of the leading causes of bloating, and the cure is natural hydration. Drink lots and lots of water. It’s commonly noticed that drinking a lot of alcohol or eating foods that are too salty consistently results in bloating. Water helps wash the waste out of your system.

I recommend my clients to drink half their body weight in ounces per day. If you weigh 150 pounds, drink at least 75 ounces of water per day. Not only will this help you debloat, but you’ll experience other amazing benefits water will do for you. If possible, swap all your beverages with water. Doing so will help you lose weight and have great skin. 

Power-up your water with high quality food grade essential oils. I use lemon oil in my water throughout the day. Add 2 drops of lemon oil to 8 ounces of water and experience the cleansing and purifying benefits of this powerful oil.

Lemon Oil

Never ingest any essential oil if the oil does not recommend ingestion. As an alternative to ingestion, put a couple of drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil – such as Jojoba oil and massage in your abdomen area.


2. Avoid too much fiber and increase potassium intake:

We normally eat out during the weekend and my hubby loves – loves his South Carolina Bar-B-Q (yes there is a difference). Therefore, my bloating is so much worse on Monday.

Too much fiber can be difficult to digest and results in bloating. Don’t increase your daily fiber intake by more than 20-25 grams a day. Also, always remember to include your water throughout the day. I always drink my lemon water before we leave the house and then order water with lemon at the restaurant.  

Then there is the salt – “Oh My at the salt”. More than anything else, I know this is the why my tummy bloat is so bad on Monday morning.

When you eat too much salt, increase your potassium intake to debloat. Avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas and coconut water are all rich in potassium.


3. Golden Turmeric Milk:

This is a wonder trick. Very simple and inexpensive yet effective. If you have severe internal bruises or are suffering from bloating, this will always be your savior. It benefits every system in your body and does wonders for your long-term health as well.



1 cup nut milk or coconut milk

1 tsp dried organic turmeric

1/2 tsp organic cinnamon powder

1 to 2 Tablespoon organic local honey

Note: Make your own nut milk to insure purity. 

Simple Nut Milk Recipe: 2 Tablespoon organic nut butter to 8 ounces of water. Blend. 


In a small saucepan add all ingredients and simmer on medium until hot. Do not bring to a boil. 

Drink and enjoy this powerful tummy debloating milk. 


Including these three, be sure to look at your other eating habits and avoid bloating before it makes you suffer.

Often you body is storing toxins in your abdomen area to cause constant bloating. One way to rid your body of these offensive toxins is to detoxify your body naturally.

Try a 5 Day Seasonal Healthy Food Detox and experience the difference a true cleanse can do for your body.