Natural Spring Allergy Relief

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As much as I enjoy warmer weather, I do not enjoy my world turning yellow overnight.

I’m not sure how the rest of the world welcomes spring, but for us in the south, we welcome spring with clouds of yellow pollen filling the air for weeks. Literally, clouds of pollen drift through the air.

My car, outside furniture, porch and home, are coated with a yellow powder.

It is a waste of time to wash your car or your home. Within an hour everything is coated again.

You may enjoy opening your windows as the warmth of spring arrives, breathing in the fresh air of sping.

Not us.

Open our windows and we enjoy a light-yellow dusting of our furniture and floors.

Sneezing, itchy-swollen eyes, and runny noses are the norm for many who live in areas where the pollen count is off the charts for weeks.

I’ve given up on over-the-counter allergy medicines and switched to natural allergy relief to relieve my spring allergies. Others must get prescription medication and will supplement with natural these natural steps to help keep their symptoms bearable.  

For seasonal allergies that do not require medical attention, try these natural steps for mild allergy symptoms and enjoy getting your spring.


Simple Allergy Prevention

Your eyes seem to be the first to flare up when allergy season hits.

Walk outside and you may notice that your eyes immediately puff up, get watery, and itch like crazy.

Sunglasses to the rescue.

That’s right. Just wearing your sunglasses as you walk outside will help protect your eyes from the pollen in the air.

Keeping your hands clean is your next simple step.

Everything outside is covered with pollen. The door handle on your car door, your mailbox, your handrails, everything.

Before you know it, your nose is itching, and you rub your nose with your pollen coated hand and fingers.

Now you’ve added more pollen to your face and eyes.

You’ve been keeping your hands germ free for months, now keep them pollen free too.

Try these two simple steps to help keep your face free from additional pollen this spring.


Natural Allergy Prevention

Try taking a tablespoon of local raw honey per day beginning the month before allergy season begins. Continue this throughout allergy season.

Local raw honey will contain the allergens from your area, and which will help relieve your allergy symptoms.

Taking natural organic bee pollen may also help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms too. This is a supplement, so check with your health care provider before adding any supplement to your daily routine.

Bee pollen is believed to help desensitize your immune system from seasonal allergies.

Whether you choose local raw honey or bee pollen, you may notice that your allergy symptoms are a little less severe than before.


Clean and clean some more

Good grief at the pollen that comes through the front door.

It’s on your clothes, your shoes, and in the air. Before you know it, your furniture looks like it has never seen a good dusting.

Pollen has taken up residence in your carpets, your curtains, and on your furniture too.

Keeping your home clean from this invasion of pollen, may  require you to vacuum and dust more often. 

Keeping the inside of your home free from pollen will help you breathe easier while at home.


Spring mold

Spring rains keep the humidity high in our part of the world and is ideal for mold growth.

Like pollen, mold will cause your allergy symptoms to go off the charts.

Look around your home to discover where mold may be growing. Your windows, your shower, around your heating and air systems, are all prime areas for mold growth.

Keep these areas clean with a little white vinegar and baking soda. Make this a monthly cleaning routine to keep these areas free from mold growth in your home and breathe a little easier while inside.

Both my son and grandson struggle each spring with severe seasonal allergies, and we have found these simple natural steps help with their symptoms.

You can easily follow these steps to help you and your family sneeze a little less this spring.

I’ve got a few more natural steps that we use to help relieve our spring allergies. Like me, you may have these natural solutions in your kitchen.

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