Fireside Recipes

Enjoy Your Meals by the Fire With These 7 Fireside Recipes

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Cooler weather creates an atmosphere to build a fire and enjoy the evening under the stars.

We enjoy our fire pit on Friday and Saturday evenings, roasting marshmallows, and having a good time together. It’s a great way to spend an evening outside in the Fall. 

But, before the marshmallows come out, we like to prepare our meal and enjoy eating under the stars. On occasion, we’ll do a “Screen on the Green” night, watching a family favorite with the grandchildren.

Are you looking for some fireside recipes that you and your family will enjoy?

Let me share a few of our favorites….

Pineapple Skewers

Pineapple Skewers

Pre-marinate your chicken or tofu and pineapple skewers, then cook over the fire. You can add other ingredients such as red pepper and onions, which pair well with pineapple. Bring lettuce to wrap it with and other fun toppings like an Asian slaw mix so you can customize your wraps bite to bite.

Foil Packets

foil packets

Fresh salmon cooked over a fire is one of the best things about outdoor cooking by the fire. For a meat-free option, substitute a medley of vegetables in your foil packet, with some added tofu. Try it with a mix of hoisin and fish sauce for a Thai-like experience, go Mediterranean with pesto, or keep it simple with olive oil and dill. Just wrap it with your desired flavors in foil and cook until done. 

Grilled Stuffed Avocados

stuffed avocado

Grill up garlicky shrimp and avocados, then stuff the shrimp into the avocados for a tropical take on your campout. Bring mango salsa along to unite the flavors with perfection. Skip the shrimp for a meat-free option, and use grilled tofu and jicama instead. 

Potato Packets

grilled potato packet

Fill up foil packets with pieces of organic chicken sausage, potatoes, and other veggies you like for a rustic and delicious meal that nourishes with healthy ingredients. You won’t need much to season it with the bold flavors of sausage making their way through there, though it’s best if you pre-cook the chicken sausage before heading out on your trip (or before putting them on the grill). For a meat-free option, choose meatless links such as Beyond Sausage Brat. 

Campout Caprese

Caprese Chicken

If Caprese chicken is a favorite around your dinner table, then turning it into a campfire-friendly dish is a must! Simply slice each chicken breast in a Hasselback style and stuff it with tomato and mozzarella, top with pesto, then seal into your foil packets. If you want to skip the chicken, use a potato for a Caprese Hasselback Potato option. To make it dairy-free, choose dairy-free mozzarella. 

Mexican Corn

mexican corn

Called ‘elote,’ this Mexican street food is a delight on any campsite or in your own backyard around the fire pit. It takes just a few extras (lime, mayo, cilantro, chili powder, and cojita cheese), and you’ll have the best outdoor snack of all time. Find a dairy-free cheese if you want to skip the dairy — there’s still so much flavor to be enjoyed. 

Banana S' mores

grilled banana

Because you need a dessert when camping or soaking up the last fading wisps of warmth before seasons change, there are banana s’ mores. Split your bananas, stuff them with marshmallows and dairy-free dark chocolate chips and eat with a spoon for a healthier version of the campout classic.

That’s seven recipes to get you ready for fireside eating. Take advantage of the cooler evenings while you can, winter weather will be here before you know it. Fall is the perfect season to slow down and take time for you.

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