6 Tips to Sleep Better

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Are you tossing and turning during the night? Lying in bed staring at the ceiling? Wishing for sleep to come? You might be experiencing sleepless nights due to stress.

Stress not only affects your health, but it also affects your sleep. Insomnia tags along with stress to keep you from enjoying a good night’s sleep.

 You can sleep better when you learn to diminish your stress before bedtime. Small changes before bedtime will help you reduce your stress and sleep better during the night.

Your first step is to recognize your stress, what are the stressors in your life? Family dynamics, problems at work, financial or health concerns, or a multiple of other circumstances can give you plenty of reasons to worry and live in a constant state of stress.

Take action with these 3 ways to reduce stress in your life:

1)Take Control of “You” and Take Action

As easy as that sounds, be honest with yourself and determine if you are taking action with what is causing stress in your life.

Do you find yourself being intimidated by what is causing your stress? You avoid the issue, you procrastinate with dealing with the circumstance, or you’ve reached the point of not caring.

Take action by:

  1. Recognize what is causing your stress,

  2. Set realistic goals to handle the situation,

  3. Confirm what actions you will take,

  4. Start Today!


2)Release What You Cannot Control

 I’m a “Type A” personality, which means I want to be in control of everything. Releasing what I cannot control has been a massive learning experience for me.

When you hold onto situations that you have no control over, you open the door for stress to move in and take over.

Release control by:

  1. Recognizing what is in your life that you have no control over,

  2. Recognizing what you do have control over,

  3. Find the middle ground of what you do have control over and what you need to release,

  4. Speak empowering affirmations to yourself throughout the day.

When you release control over situations that you have no control over, you’ll find that you’ll have less stress in your life.


3)Focus on today

 Do you find yourself worrying about tomorrow, next week, next month, next year?

Many do and it never ends well. When you constantly worry about the future, you create what I call, “little worry monsters” that may never materialize in your life.

Today is all you can manage and all you truly know about. Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Focus on today by:

  1. When you find yourself stressing about tomorrow, breathe deeply,

  2. Stop thinking about the worries of tomorrow,

  3. Focus less on what’s going on in your thoughts and more on the present,

  4. End your day with thoughts of gratitude by journaling what you’re thankful for.

As Mark Twain said,

“I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

When you focus on today and not the worries of tomorrow, your stress levels will decrease and you’ll feel more confident about tomorrow.

Now that you know how to reduce stress, it’s time to create better sleep for yourself.


Use these 3 tips to sleep better at night:

Now that you know how to reduce your stress, it’s time to get a good night’s sleep.

1)Make your bedroom relaxing

You’ve been busy all day and now you’re ready for a good night’s sleep, but there’s something wrong when you walk into your bedroom. There’s a sense of anxiousness that overwhelms you and you’re not able to relax.

Were you aware that clutter and disorganization causes stress?

Walk in your bedroom and take a good hard look at what is lying around. Is your room cluttered and disorganized?  

Create a relaxing and calming bedroom by:

  1. Clean your bedroom, dust your furniture, pick up items and put where it belongs

  2. What’s stacked on your dresser, your nightstand, in the corner?

  3. Freshen the colors of your room with cool soothing colors know to help you relax.

  4. Lower the thermostat at bedtime. A cooler room promotes better sleep.

  5. Use an essential oil diffuser to reduce stress, such as lavender, rose, jasmine.

When your bedroom is inviting, you’ll be more relaxed, calm and ready for a good night’s sleep.


2)Add relaxing sounds to your bedroom

Are you a light sleeper?

Do you find it hard to fall asleep when it’s too quiet?

When it’s too quiet, I have trouble falling asleep. I have found adding a calming sound to my bedroom helps me to relax and fall asleep.

Create a little noise in your bedroom by:

  1. Adding nature sounds – rain, babbling brook, ocean waves, crickets

  2. Adding a white noise sound machine – fan, river, machinery, wind

  3. A pink noise sound machine – rustling leaves, steady rain, wind, heartbeat

Sound machines are great but decide whether you are a “white” noise or a “pink” noise person. White noise causes me to become anxious, so I prefer “pink” noise.

Adding relaxing sounds at night has been proven to promote better sleep, allowing your brain to focus on the sound rather than your worries.


3)Add a weighted blanket to your life

 Cozy up with a weighted blanket when you fall into bed at night. The feeling of warmth and of being hugged, has shown to help relieve stress and help with sleeplessness.

Cozying up with a weighted blanket will:

  1. Reduce your stress and anxiety,

  2. Relieves sleep disorders,

  3. Relieves chronic pain.

Stress can keep you awake at night, sleepless nights leads to more stress, which leads to more sleepless nights. A vicious circle that can be broken.

Break your cycle of sleepless nights due to stress by reducing your stress and creating a calming environment in your bedroom.

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