5 Ways to Create Happier and Healthier You

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How do you define happiness?

As defined, happiness is a positive emotional state characterized by feelings such as contentment, joy, and life satisfaction.

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your level of happiness based on the above definition. How content are you with your life? How much joy is in your life? How satisfied are you with your life?

Happiness plays a positive role in your health and well-being by

  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Allowing you to sleep better
  • Improves your diet
  • Reduces your stress

You may feel that your happiness has left the room, never to come back. Many don’t know what happiness is because of the deep pain and struggles of life. Are you limiting your happiness because you’ve stifled all your other emotions, burying them so deep, that happiness can’t rise to the top?

Many have.

The good news is that you can find happiness and enjoy the many health benefits that come along beside this beautiful emotion.

Learn to Appreciate Life
What has someone done for you today?

It may be as simple as holding the door open for you as you entered a building, receiving a smile as you walked past someone, or receiving a message from a friend.

When you begin to appreciate your life and all that others are doing for you in a big or small way, you’ll find yourself smiling more or humming your favorite tune. Your happiness meter is moving up the scale.

Studies have shown that people who appreciate life have better health. Their emotional well-being is stable and, they sleep better.

Before you retire tonight, journal as many happy moments of your day that made you smile.

Request my “Happiness Tracker” to help you get started.

Become a Giver  
Give your physical and mental health a boost through giving to others.

When is the last time your cleaned out your closet? How much stuff is sitting around your home never to be used again? When is the last time you volunteered your time?

Being a giver makes you and the receiver happier.

The happy outcome of being a giver is that you’ll naturally want to continue to give. Your appreciation of your life will blossom and you’ll discover that your life is filled with abundance.

Showing Empathy Toward Others
How well do you identify and understand the emotions of others?

Here’s a test:

When you’re around someone who is positive and happy, how do you feel?

Usually, you’ll be bolstered by their positivity and happiness.

When you’re around someone who is hurting, how do you feel?

Now for the hard part, how do you respond to others who have a different opinion than you?

Empathy is not all about connecting with others who are struggling or are experiencing joy, it’s also about connecting with others who have different views on life than you.

I enjoy talking with others who have a different opinion than me. I’m energized and intrigued by their thoughts and beliefs. It’s when you’re open and willing to show empathy toward others that you’ll begin to experience happiness in your life.

The beauty is that you’ll bring happiness to their lives too.

Take time today to consider who in your circle of influence is suffering, celebrating, or believes differently than you.

Now, how can you connect with them to bring happiness to both them and you?

Take my 10 Day Gratitude Challenge to help you get started.

What are your Aspirations?  
What is your greatest hope in life?

Life is hard and you are facing situations that no one around you may understand. This leads to stress and anxiety, which we know creates multiple health problems.

Your day may be dark, but know that there is a better day to come. That’s your hope.

Studies have shown that when you have hope in your life, you’ll be able to manage your stress and anxiety better. Hope will motivate you to positive action.

Your positive emotions will allow you to walk in courage and confidence, which brings you happiness.

Learn to Savor Happiness
Slow down and experience your moment.

How often do you savor the moments of life?

Life is busy and you may find yourself running from one task to the next, without noticing the beauty of the day.

When you savor the moment, you’re are attempting to fully fell and enjoy the experience.

How often do you slow down and enjoy your moment?

Take time today to free your mind from stress by savoring your moment. Take a walk in nature, sit in your backyard and enjoy the sights and sounds. Enjoy your family, your friends.

You’ll find yourself happier and healthier.

Take time to choose how you can create happiness in your life. When you focus on happiness your stress and anxiety levels will decrease for better health and you’ll add happiness to the lives of those around you.

Learn to focus on your “Happy Moments” with this free happiness tracker.

5 Ways to Create a Happier and Healthier You