5 Ways Keeping a Journal Influences Your Health

5 Ways Keeping a Journal Influences Your Health

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What your thoughts about keeping a journal? 

Do you remember back when you kept a diary, with the little gold key or the invisible ink?

Those were fun days, but this is not necessarily a diary about who did what when; but an expression of you. Within the pages of your journal you will write, draw, laugh and cry.

A journal is an amazing healer.

Science has shown that keeping a daily log of your day has a lot more benefits to it than merely creating a place to dump your deepest thoughts in private.

You don’t need to be a writer or even want to become one to start journaling, but you might just want to run out and buy a cute notebook after you read these benefits journaling can have for you.

Beneficial reasons to start journaling, if you aren’t already…

Boosts creativity

It’s one of the more obvious benefits, but you’ll find that you become more creative when you just let it flow in your journal. It’s a stream of consciousness process that allows you to go where your mind takes you, and much like dreams, that’s pretty exciting.

For the creative soul, a journal will be filled with drawings, poetry, songs, and more. A lovely expression of you.

Restores mindfulness

Happiness is directly linked to mindfulness. When you’re writing in your journal, your frustrations and anxieties ebb away, and you’re left to unite with your thoughts completely.  Sometimes simply having a place to dump all of your feelings, disappointments and thoughts also gives you a way to let them out and walk away from them.  This release helps you to feel your feelings, sort through them via pen and paper, and move along in a healthy manner.  It’s quite powerful.

Brings you closer to achieving goals

When we journal, we often write about the things we wish we could accomplish. That café we dream of opening or that dream vacation we’ve had on our minds for years. No matter what it is, writing it down helps your brain focus on those goals and find ways to bring it to fruition. Essentially, it means you’re more likely to achieve those goals if you simply write about them first.

Improved memory

Writing things down not only serves to prevent you from forgetting them but using a pen and paper forces your brain to engage with it cognitively. That means even when you’re not writing something down in the moment, like say at a social event when a new contact tells you their name, you won’t space out and forget it if you journal.

I’m always amazed at myself when I read through past journals and remember the events I’ve written about.

Better communication skills

Keeping a journal is a way to help vocalize your thoughts. Interestingly though, it also benefits the way you speak, since it naturally forces you to build your vocabulary and put your thoughts in order. You’ll find that when you’re out in the world engaging with others, your journaling will have served you well for this purpose.

Do you keep a journal?

I’ve kept a journal off and on for over 40 years and I have all types of journals; from the nice hardcover ones to the simple spiral notebooks. Regardless of the style, I journal what I’m grateful for, my frustrations, goals and dreams, and everything else.

I find that keeping a journal is truly an emotional healer and I encourage you to begin some daily self-care and start a journal.

Gratitude is a wonderful healing emotion and I encourage all my clients to keep a “Gratitude Journal” to enhance their health. You can begin your journey of gratitude by registering for my 10 Day Gratitude Challenge. Click the link below to register and begin your journey of gratitude. 



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