Self Care Rituals

Self Care Rituals to Soothe your soul

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How often do you give yourself time to pause?

Pause from your hectic schedule.

Pause from your worry.

Pause from your anxiety.

We have lived the past months in a constant state of “what’s next?”, and this has caused many to become worried and anxious about what today holds.

As I right this, schools are beginning to open for the new school year.

This has caused a huge amount of anxiety for parents, children, teachers, and administrators.

Our county announced this week that our opening date has been pushed back to later in September due to a shortage of teachers and resources to handle the new requirements for smaller classrooms. This has created more anxiety for the families of our county.

Teachers with pre-school and elementary aged children are worried how to work at school five days a week, yet their children are on A/B days which requires virtual learning multiple days of the week. Who is going to care for their children on those days?

Parents are struggling with how to handle virtual school for their children while working outside of the home.

Your office may be opening to the public and you’re concerned about being exposed to the virus.

You may have a position that has required you to be exposed to the general public since the beginning of this pandemic. Please know that you are in the prayers of many and we commend you for your service.

How can you leave your worries and anxiousness behind you just for a little while each day?

How can you nourish your soul with peace?

First, you will need to become intentional with your self-care.

Self-care is not just going to happen as you busily go through your day. It happens when you schedule self-care into your daily routine.

Only when you decide that you are worth more than your worries and anxiety, will you discover the value of a little self-care each day.

Here are a few of my favorite self-care rituals that help me navigate these strange times we are living in. Grab a free PDF copy of these rituals here.

  • Take time to do something you really love to do
  • Meditate to clear your mind, strengthen your focus, and gain peace
  • Go outdoors to re-acquaint yourself with nature
  • Stay in touch with your feelings
  • Exercise to relieve your stress and rejuvenate both your mind and body
  • Practice soothing, healthful skin care
  • Take a luxurious bath or shower. Include candles, soft music, or soothing oils

Simple rituals that have amazing results.

As summer comes to an end embrace the season of fall with a renewed focus on you and your health. Taking time for you brings healing to your weary soul.

Which self-care ritual will you choose to do today?

Grab a copy of these self-care rituals HERE, so you can have it as your guide as you take care of you every day.

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