• Reduce Inflammation With Healthy Food Choices

Reduce Inflammation With Healthy Food Choices

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Inflammation can attack your body in different ways. Some forms of inflammation are minor, while other forms can be debilitating.


Red inflamed skin surrounding an injury, a sore throat, allergies, and arthritis are just a few types of inflammation.


I suffered from allergies, knee pain, plantar fasciitis and trigger finger; all indicators of inflammation. Yet, I was unaware that my inflammation could be caused by the foods I was eating and could be healed by changing my diet.

Are you aware that there are foods that can cause inflammation in your body?


Are you suffering from acne, achy joints, arthritis, allergies or other health problems?

Your body is always on alert for invaders to its system and will send in the army of white blood cells to fight the battle. Sometimes the army keeps attacking and will begin to attack itself, this is where chronic inflammation begins.


Some forms of inflammation can come from the types of foods you eat. When your diet consists of processed foods, your digestive system does not recognize the chemicals that are part of those foods and looks at them as invaders. The battle against these invaders is constant and inflammation is the result.

What foods are you eating?

I was eating so many processed foods; my poor body was in a constant battle. Allergies was my first inflammation symptom to appear. I blamed it on my new furniture and my daughter’s new puppy. Even though I had never had an allergy before.  


Then came the knee pain. I could not put any pressure on my knees and had no idea why this was happening. Then came the trigger finger, which I thought was carpal tunnel syndrome. I purchased a brace to alleviate the pain.


I never associated my health problems with the food I was eating. The food I was eating was the healthy version of processed foods, so I felt I was eating healthy.

I was in complete denial.  

Processed foods are those foods that have been chemically altered during the processing. Chemicals and additives have been added to make the product more shelf-stable and to enhance the flavor. The ingredients tend to be a list of items that you can’t pronounce and have no idea what it is, yet we have no problem eating it.


Learning the difference between real food and processed food has been life changing for me.


Once I stopped eating processed foods and began eating healthier real food, every health problem was healed. Within six months, I no longer suffered from allergies, knee pain or trigger finger.

Does eating a healthier diet reduce inflammation?



Take the challenge and start eating healthier today to help reduce any inflammation you may be suffering with.

Here’s a list of healthy foods to help get you started…

  • Tomatoes
  • Leafy Greens
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fish
  • Fruit

Are you willing to take the challenge?


Think about what you’ve eaten this week.


Is there something you eat that you noticeably feel bloated, achey, and generally unwell after? 

Would you like to know how to cleanse your body of the chemical build-up from processed foods?

Sign up for a short detox and discover how cleansing your body of these toxins will help heal your body from inflammation.


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