Inner Self-Awareness

Inner Self-Awareness

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Inner self-awareness helps you to develop a better perspective on your life, helps you create self-control, build higher self-esteem, and improves your habit change. And this is why developing an inner self-awareness is an important process of developing healthier habits.

Are you a self-aware person? Are you alert to how your body is speaking to you? Do you know what kind of things trigger your emotional and physical responses in daily life?

You may have worked on building healthier habits in the past yet find yourself sliding back into unhealthy habits unintentionally. Becoming more self-aware of your inner being allows you to learn what you desire from this life and create the resilience to do it.

The benefits of developing an inner self-awareness cover every area of your life. Today, lets look at how taking time to listen and reflect on what your body is saying will help you live a healthier life.

A Better Perspective

Your perspective is the way you see yourself and others. How you view life in general. Our upbringing, culture, and life in general create our perspectives.

Take a moment to ask yourself how do you truly see yourself?

This is an important step toward building inner self-awareness. Until you acknowledge who you are to yourself, you will never listen to your inner self.

Once you spend time in reflection, ask yourself are you ready to build a better perspective about yourself and your life?


What’s going on beneath the surface of your emotions?

Our emotions can swing far and wide all in a 24-hour day, but our inner self-awareness determines how we respond to these different emotions.

When you’re self-aware, you can manage your emotions to stay calm in the worst of situations.

Learn to listen to your inner self as you experience the emotions of your day. When you feel anger, ask yourself what is creating the anger? How can you manage this situation in a positive way? Do this with each of the emotions that you experience during the day and reflect on what your body is saying to you.


How well do you love yourself?

You can not love yourself if you do not know yourself. This is why you need to develop inner self-awareness.

Your acceptance of yourself is your first step toward building self-esteem. Take your journal, write honestly about how you feel about your physical appearance, your emotions, or something else about yourself.

Self-esteem is a bond between how well you accept who you are and how well you love yourself. When these two bond together, your self-esteem will grow.

Habit Change

Developing healthier habits begins with inner self-awareness.

Think about the routines you have fallen into. Never exercising, not drinking enough water during your day, surviving on four hours of sleep, running through the local drive-thru for a quick meal, and on it goes. These are habits that have taken over your life and you are comfortable with.

How does inner self-awareness help you turn unhealthy habits into healthier habits? Through self-awareness. As you become more self-aware, you begin to change for the better. Recognizing your unhealthy habits and how your health is being impacted gives you the power to take the first steps toward change.

Inner self-awareness begins with understanding your perspective, implementing self-control, building your self-esteem, and recognizing your unhealthy habits that need to be transformed into healthier habits. Taking time to spend in meditation and reflection allows you for this inner reflection. I find that keeping a journal during this time, writing what my inner self brings to mind, allows me to recognize how well I am treating myself.

Inner self-awareness is a practice that grows stronger as you commit yourself to it. Take time today to meditate on your inner self, ask yourself some reflective questions and journal what comes to mind.

Begin your journey toward inner self-awareness with journaling. 

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