10 Minute Morning Routine

Give Yourself 10 Minutes to Get Your Morning Started Well

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What is your morning routine?

From slow to rushed, you may find yourself somewhere in between and wishing that you had a better morning routine for yourself.

Now that I’m older and all the children are grown and gone, I have a slow morning routine that helps get my day started with ease. But there was a time when my home was a whirlwind of activity with lots of loud talking and no one getting along as three teenagers tried to outdo each other and a toddler running around.  

Talk about a morning routine, I didn’t have one.

When you find yourself rushing out the door or caring for multiple family members from the time you get up until you crash at night, your stress levels are up, and your health begins to deteriorate.

Let’s change that, beginning in the morning. Give me 10 minutes to show you how you can create a healthier morning routine for yourself. Your stress levels will decrease, and your energy levels will increase.

Get started with Water

Let the first thing you do when your feet hit the floor is to drink 8 to 12 ounces of room temperature water. You’ve been without water for six to eight hours and it’s time for some hydration. The water will help your body flush those nasty toxins out of your system by waking up your digestive system and getting it on the move. Your metabolism will increase after being at rest for the night and you will begin to notice that your skin and hair look healthier as you continue to drink water throughout your day.

Your first minute of the day: Drink 8 to 12 ounces of water.

Take time to Breathe

Now that you’ve had your glass of water, take a few minutes to breathe deeply. Take slow deep breaths and exhale slowly. Use an app to help you with this routine. After a night’s sleep, your muscles are stiff, and your nasal passages may be a little clogged. When you add deep breathing exercises to your morning routine, you’ll relieve the stiffness in your muscles and clear your nasal passages.

Minutes 2 -3 of your morning: Breathe deeply and exhale slowly.

Wake up your Body  

You’ve hydrated and relieved your muscles stiffness, now it’s time to get moving. Your body has been inactive for six to eight hours and now needs to wake up. You’ll boost your blood circulation throughout your body by increasing your heart rate. You can easily get moving with a few jumping jacks, walking/running in place, bouncing on a yoga ball (my favorite), or a few full body stretches. Choose different moving exercises each day to keep your morning interesting.

You’ll begin to feel energized and ready for the day ahead. Take these exercises outside in the early morning when weather permits to enjoy fresh air and being in nature.

Minutes 3 – 6 of your morning: Wake up your body with movement.

Reflect on being Thankful

As you begin your day, you’ll find that your mindset will set the tone for the day. Wake up rushed and irritable, you’ll be irritable all day long. Wake up with an attitude of gratitude, you’ll go through your day with a positive attitude. Take a few minutes to reflect on what you’re thankful about. Just by thinking about one thing you’re thankful for will increase your happiness quotient. Use a gratitude journal to write down just one thing you’re thankful for and then think about why you are thankful.

Set the tone for your day with thankfulness and you’ll notice that you’re smiling and enjoying your day more.

Minutes 6 – 9 of your morning: Reflect on being thankful.

Prepare for Success

How would you like to see the day ahead? You may find that you just speed through your day taking whatever life throws at you. At the end of the day, you’re tired, irritable, and may feel that nothing was accomplished.

Turn your day around by visualizing how you want the day ahead to go. This builds more confidence and gives you the power to make the day ahead more successful.

Minutes 9-10: Power up your day with visualization.

Ten Minutes

Ten minutes each morning is all it takes to start your day off well. Once you’ve completed your ten-minute routine, add a healthy breakfast to make your morning a success.

Fuel your body with Breakfast

You’ve hydrated your body, you’ve stretched your muscles, and you’ve increased your heart rate to get your blood flowing after a good night’s sleep. Now you need fuel to keep yourself going through the morning. Healthy is the key word for your breakfast. No simple carbs for you. Make sure your breakfast has plenty of protein, complex carbs, and fiber to stoke the fire of your metabolism. Your energy will last all morning and you’ll take that positive feeling from your first ten minutes of the day with you for the rest of the day.

Taking ten minutes of your morning to make sure that you begin your day well is an easy healthy habit to add to your day. As you think about what your mornings look like, what changes do you need to make to start your day well?

Download a free copy of the 10-Minute Morning Routine to help you begin this healthy habit today.

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