Overcome Burnout

Discover How You Can Overcome Burnout and Restore Peace to Your Life

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How often do you feel exhausted, frazzled, tired, weary or fatigued?

Each of these are related to burnout; which is when you have been under excessive and prolonged stress.

You’re living your life in overwhelm and you are emotionally drained. This type of lifestyle will ultimately lead to chronic health problems. You may suffer headaches or digestive problems and find that you can no longer cope with your daily challenges.

Restoring peace in your life will allow you to overcome burnout and will allow you to regain your health.

Take these steps to overcome burnout…

Change direction

 What is causing the overwhelm in your life?

Until you step back and take a long look at your life, nothing will change. Determine what is causing you to live under constant stress. Then, develop a plan to make some life changes that will alleviate the overwhelm and stress.

 Learn to relax

 This can be the hardest step for some. I’ve watched caregivers fall into a life of overwhelm and burnout while refusing to take a break from their situation. You’re not doing yourself or anyone else any favors when you become the martyr to your situation.

You must learn to relax when your life is in constant overwhelm.  

Taking a break for just ten minutes can help you relax and clear your mind. Of course, taking longer breaks or going on a nice relaxing vacation will work wonders in your life too. Your goal is to relax enough to clear your mind.

Take action

Some situations can be solved with a little effort, other situations may be long-term with no end in sight. What are some possible solutions to what is causing you to feel overwhelmed and in a constant state of burnout? Have you asked for help? Don’t assume others are not willing to step in and help you, learn to take action and ask for help and come up with a solution to your situation.

Take Control  

Not all situations are controllable, but you are in control of you. Learn how to be in control and know that you can solve whatever problem you are facing. When you’re faced with a situation that is beyond your control, do what you can do to improve your situation and do not worry about those things that are out of your control.

Talk with someone

 Often we keep our thoughts and emotions hidden from others and allow the overwhelm to continue to build up inside. Find someone you can share your feelings with, let go of your pride and ask for help.

The opposite of burnout is engagement. When we become frustrated and overwhelmed with a situation we lose the desire to stay engaged. We don’t want to be in the situation and allow ourselves to become overwhelmed. Use these steps to overcome burnout and learn how to become engaged, especially when you’re faced with a long-term situation that you have no control over.

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