Conquer Allergy Season with Essential Oils

Conquer Allergy Season With Essential Oils

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Allergy Season has arrived with a vengeance.


Have you noticed?


My eyes are itchy, my family members are sneezing, walking around with slits for eyes, and suffering from sinus pressure. 


Spring allergies tend to be worse than other allergy seasons. With so many trees and flowers opening after a long winter of being dormant, the air is full of pollen.


My car is yellow, the roof of my home is yellow, the air is hazy with pollen clouds and spring has just arrived. Everyone seems to be struggling with sinus infections, watery eyes, sneezing non-stop, headaches, and feeling achy.


Now, I can tell you to avoid what triggers your allergy, but that would require you to go into hibernation in a sealed room.


Since none of us can do that, what can we do to conquer these seasonal allergies?


Here’s a few tips to get through allergy season….


Build up your immune system

Use local organic honey daily. 


Local honey will help your body build an immunity to the pollen you’re exposed to. The stronger your immune system, the easier it will be for your body to get through the allergy season.  


During allergy season take two tablespoons per day to build up your immunity.


Rinse Your Sinus Cavity

You can’t avoid breathing the pollen that is floating in the air.


Pollen collects in your sinuses and causes you to sneeze and become stuffy. One way I’ve found to relieve the sneezing, is to use a nose cleaner device to rinse my sinuses with a saline solution.


You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your ability to breathe.

Use as often as required to keep your sinuses free from pollen build-up.


Keep Your Windows Closed

This is the hardest step for me to follow. I love throwing the windows up on a beautiful spring day and allowing the house to air out from the long winter.


Then I notice that all the furniture is covered in a light-yellow film. Pollen is everywhere and then the sneezing and watery eyes begin.


Keep your home as free from pollen as possible, keep your windows closed during the peak pollen season and use an allergen filter in your heating and air unit .


Use Essential Oils

Our normal response during allergy season is to run to the local drug store and buy an OTC allergy medication.  


Please don’t.


As a Gut Health Specialist, I’m a big proponent for keeping your gut as healthy as it can be. Using OTC medication will harm your gut health and create unwanted side-effects.


There are 10 essential oils that I recommend for fighting seasonal allergies.

10 Essential Oils to Conquer Allergies


Rather than extend this blog post into an unreadable post, let me give you my free eGuide – Just click the image below to request your FREE copy. 


10 Essential Oils to Conquer Allergies


Keep this eGuide handy during the spring and fall allergy seasons and use essential oils as your first choice in relieving allergy symptoms.


Enjoy your spring and stay allergy free.