Celebrate Your Victories

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Celebrating the small victories in life spurs you to keep pressing toward your goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


It’s hard for me to believe that I started my transformation toward a healthy lifestyle a little more than four years ago. It’s exciting to say that I’ve been able to maintain my focus and am enjoying all that living healthy has to offer. 


What I’ve learned is to celebrate the small victories of living a life of transformation. There are challenges along the way as well as victories. Yet, each day is a new day and no matter the challenge of the day, I can always pick up and continue toward living a healthy transformed life.


Here’s what kept me motivated and hopefully will help you along your path toward a life of health….


Join others who are on a journey toward transformation. Life is hard enough and then when you decide to make changes to your life, you’ll encounter days of discouragement. There were days I didn’t want to exercise or eat healthy. There were days that seemed overwhelming, but having a support group that was on the same journey was incredible. Just sharing your frustrations with another person will lift your spirits and give you the passion to continue forward.



Relax and know that it’s okay to live life. This was probably the most difficult part of my journey. Being a “Type A” personality, I focused on the rules and not the fun; makes for a depressing life. I had to learn to relax and allow myself to “break” the rules occasionally. This means that I may not always be able to exercise daily or eat healthy at every meal, or that I can have a desert on occasion that doesn’t fit my plan. I continue to maintain a healthy focus in my day, but I’m not so rigid that I can’t enjoy life around me.



Celebrate the small victories of your transformation. In talking with many of my clients, they tend to focus on what they didn’t accomplish this week and have beaten themselves up daily. I challenge you to look at the small victories instead. Did you choose water today over a soft drink? Then celebrate. Did you walk for ten minutes today? Then celebrate. Every small step is a step toward your victory of transforming your health. You didn’t get in this condition overnight and it will take a while to reach your health goals.



Enjoy the journey and all that this transformation has to offer you. I’ve discovered so many new foods over the past four years that I would have never eaten in the past. Essential oils have become a major part of my healthy lifestyle from making my own face cream, body cream and anti-aging oil to diffusing essential oils throughout my home.  My energy level has increased and my aches and pains have vanished. This is truly an amazing journey and I invite everyone to embrace a journey toward a healthier lifestyle.



Celebrating “You” is essential as you embark on a lifestyle of health and well-being. Celebrate daily by journaling your day’s victories, then review them at the end of the week and know that you’re on your way to better health.  




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Celebrate You