Setting Healthier Habits

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How are you investing in your health?

What type of health goals have you set for yourself?

As you create health for yourself, you’ll want to choose those activities that enhance your quality of life. As you consider goals for your life, make sure that they will enhance your life and help you grow.

Setting healthier goals for yourself will begin to enhance your life from the day you begin. Healthy habits are life-changing and I encourage you to look at your current life to determine how you can swap some unhealthy habits for healthier habits.

Take time today to consider how you can add healthier habits to your life to enhance your life. Here are some steps to consider as you begin to set healthier goals for yourself.


Your Vision

You didn’t wake up one day and decide that you were going to begin living healthier from that moment.

Something caused you to consider that your life could be healthier.

You may have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, your joints may hurt and you’re not sure why, fatigue is your constant companion, you’re struggling with stubborn weight gain, that belly bloat, sugar addiction, and more has got to go.

It’s time for a change and today you’re ready.

What’s your vision for yourself?

Only when you have a vision will you be able to set realistic health goals for yourself.

Imagine what your life will look like in the future as you achieve your health goals. Write your vision in your journal and keep track of your progress throughout your journey.


Your Current Situation

Once you’ve set your vision for a healthier you, look at where you are in your current lifestyle.  

It is discouraging to set health goals for yourself, only to give up a week later.

If you have more unhealthy habits than healthy ones, you will want to make one change at a time. To begin on day one, cutting out all sugar, all caffeine, all bread is not a realistic goal. This will lead you to give up before you’ve had a chance to begin.

Track how you are currently eating to get a clear understanding of your habits. You may be surprised at how easy unhealthy habits have taken over your life.

Once you have a clear picture of your current situation, you’ll be ready to set realistic healthier goals for yourself.


Goal Setting

What is your long-term goal?

Goal setting is an important step toward success when swapping unhealthy habits for healthier ones.

Take your long-term goal and break it down into actionable steps. Going cold turkey may not be your best option. This often leads to discouragement where you give up quickly.

If your goal is to stop drinking caffeine or soda, swap one caffeine or soda drink for a healthier option. Do this for a week and then the next week swap out a second drink. This allows your body to slowly recognize that you have cut back on caffeine or sugar.

How can you slowly make your swaps to keep you motivated and on track?


Alternative Choices

You may have chosen a health goal for yourself that you’re not able to accomplish at this time in your life. You may be on medication that prevents you from losing weight, or your sugar withdrawal has caused you to suffer from major migraines.

These are valid concerns and can cause you more discouragement with yourself and your situation.

When you find yourself in a situation that prevents you from swapping an unhealthy habit for a healthier one, determine if there is an alternative choice you can take.

If your medication is causing you weight gain, talk with your health care provider for suggestions on how to prevent weight gain. If sugar withdrawal is causing migraines, then choose to go slower with eliminating sugar from your diet.

Rather than giving up on your vision, choose to take an alternate path that will help you reach your health goals.


Track Your Journey

Every day is a day to celebrate your victories, large and small.

You may believe you can only celebrate when you reach your ultimate goal, but let me encourage you to celebrate daily.

Were you able to swap out a caffeinated drink for a healthier swap today? Then celebrate.

Keep a journal of your journey and at the end of each day write down three things that worked for you today, two things that didn’t work for you, and what you might do differently tomorrow.

Your journal will be a source of inspiration when you are faced with one of those “off” days.


Be Realistic

You did not become unhealthy in one day and you will not become healthier in one day. This is a lifelong journey, not a quick fix.

Keep your focus on today and how you can live healthier today, allowing each day to build on the next. Soon you’ll begin to notice little changes in your health and how you feel, which will motivate you to continue your journey.

Making your health a priority is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. You can start today simply by making the decision to do so. I know you can do this and I’m here to encourage you.


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