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4 Warming Autumn Drinks for Those Chilly Nights

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Autumn is finally in the air. We’re having cooler nights; the leaves are beginning to turn and pumpkin spice everything is on the shelves. My daughter bought pumpkin spice cream cookies this week and we opened a bottle of pumpkin spice sparkling cider to bring in the season.

All this focus on pumpkin spice takes the attention off all the other delicious autumn beverages that warm you up on those chilly nights. Plus, most of those pumpkin spice drinks are filled with lots of sugar and unhealthy ingredients that we really don’t want to drink.

What’s a healthy alternative to these sugary autumn drinks?

Let me share a few of my favorite warming autumn drinks with you so that we can curl up and get cozy and watch the leaves fall.

Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing better than a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Especially when the grandchildren are visiting, and we just want to cuddle.


Let’s stay away from those pre-packaged hot chocolate packets. Those little packets are not hot chocolate.

I’ve had a CocoMotion machine forever, so it’s simple to pour in some milk, add real cocoa, a little honey or maple syrup, push the button and watch it swirl. We have our pretty autumn mugs that we’ll pour our hot chocolate in, add some shaved real chocolate to the top and enjoy.

You can use almond milk, rather than dairy milk, for a nutty hot chocolate flavor.

Warm Lemon Water

 You may not consider this an autumn drink, but it’s too healthy to leave out.

I drink this every morning and have for years.

Why should you add this to your morning routine?

First, warm lemon water will jump-start your digestion. You’ve been sleeping for a few hours and your body will welcome this little wake-up drink. Plus, it will give you a natural energy boost and helps your body detox from yesterday’s unhealthy toxins.

Hot Tea

What’s your favorite hot tea?

If you haven’t explored the many flavored teas that are available, you’re missing out on some delicious teas.

Stay away from those artificially flavored teas and only purchase natural teas. I like wild orange and sweet and spicy during the autumn months. I’ll add a drop of cinnamon bark essential oil to kick the flavor up a notch.

Ginger tea is also an autumn favorite and super simple to make.

Peel a small piece of ginger and place it in your mug. Pour boiling water into your mug and let this steep for a few minutes. Remove the ginger and enjoy.

Of course, there is always green tea for any season. You can add a dash of your favorite spice or a drop of food grade essential oils for an autumn flavored tea.

Chai Tea Latte

We can’t go through the autumn season without a latte.

Save your money and make your own.

Here’s a simple autumn Chai Tea Latte recipe:

Boil your water, add peppercorns, cloves, cardamom, ginger, Nutmeg, and a cinnamon stick.

Blend together (not in a blender), add your almond milk and enjoy this delightful autumn latte.

Okay, it’s your turn. Pick a warming autumn drink, make a cup, snuggle or cuddle with a loved one or grab a good book and enjoy.

These are some of my favorites, what warming autumn drinks do you enjoy?

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