4 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

4 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

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Do you find that staying healthy during the winter months can be a challenge?


We go to bed feeling just fine and wake up with a sore throat or fever or a cough, or all three. Makes you wonder what little imp sprinkled germ dust over us during the night.


There are many possibilities of how we became sick, but our main problem may be that we’re not being pro-active with our health, especially after the holiday season.


When January arrives, you have a yearning in your soul to warm up by a cozy fire and finally slow down.  The holidays are behind us and we can finally try to get some normalcy back into our lives.


I love that nature works like this, innately causing us to change with the seasons, have you ever noticed?  The winter brings the desire for warmer foods, connection with loved ones, and more rest and relaxation.  The critical part of this fascinating natural phenomenon is that we listen and oblige. 


What I’ve noticed about myself during the winter, is that I tend to lose my desire to exercise as much and stay focused on my healthy habits. Maybe that desire for rest and relaxation takes over and all I want to do is wrap up in a blanket and read a good book. Not a good plan of action, especially with all the heavy winter foods I like to eat.


There are a few ways I go into the Winter season mindful of this, and I’m going to share with you my top ways to help you keep a Winter wellness routine, as well.  These work for me each year, and I hope you’ll gain some ideas you can use, too!



My favorite Winter Wellness tips…


Don’t burn the candle at both ends


If your social calendar looks anything like mine, it’s jam-packed this season.  We just made it through all the Holiday parties and the New Year celebrations, and now it’s time to catch up with those we didn’t have time to see last month. Plus, all our other activities that were put on hold during December start back up in January.  


Staying healthy requires you to schedule your calendar with YOU in mind. Don’t feel obligated to fill your calendar to overflowing. The more you commit to, the more stress you’ll add to your life. Stress leads to a weaker immune system.


Its great to get out and socialize, but if it causes you to get less sleep or it stresses you out, decline some of the less essential offers.



Be mindful of social settings


For the events you do attend, remember that cold and flu germs often lurk without symptoms at first. There’s no need to be paranoid about shaking hands or meeting people, but be mindful of your hands before you eat and don’t touch your nose, mouth or eyes after shaking hands with someone. Keeping your hands clean is the best way to avoid a winter illness.


I keep an essential oil blend hand sanitizer in my purse to use when I’m out and about. 


You can make your own hand sanitizer to use for you and your family. Here’s the recipe I use: 


There are multiple essential oils you can choose for their sanitizing properties. Choose one set of the following blends to make your own hand sanitizer. 



3 TB Aloe Vera Gel

2 TB Witch Hazel

½ tsp Vitamin E Oil

Choose one of the following essential oil blends to make your hand sanitizer:

       16 Drops of Tea Tree Oil / 8 Drops of Peppermint Oil – or

       16 Drops of Lemongrass Oil / 8 Drops of Lavender Oil – or

       16 Drops of Lavender Oil / 8 Drops of Rosemary Oil



Blend all ingredients in a bowl and pour into a 2 ounce squeeze bottle.


Or, purchase a blend to keep on hand. The “On Guard” blend from Doterra offers protection from the germs we encounter throughout the day. I purchase my blend from Palmetto Grace Oils.



Keep working out


Your best battle against the winter blues is to keep to your workout routine.  Finding it hard to stay motivated during the colder months?  Switch things up.  Try a new class at your gym or take on a new challenge that will help keep you motivated. My favorite, contact some friends and start a daily walking group.



Hydrate more


Getting enough fluids is essential on any day, but in winter the weather is drier and so is the heat indoors. Not only that, but your skin can become parched too. Drinking more water and applying more moisturizer is a must. I use organic Shea butter lotion to keep my skin healthy during the winter. 



So, what’s the norm for you? 


Do you try to stay on track during the winter months, or do you put things off until it starts to warm up outside? 


If I’m not careful, I’ll curl up on the couch when the days are cold and dreary. Before I know it, one day has become a week and then a month. To avoid sliding into an unhealthy mindset and allowing my physical health to be at risk, I challenge myself daily to stick to my plan and stay healthy. 


If you find yourself unmotivated during the winter months, use these tips to keep yourself healthy. Be kind to yourself during the winter months and the rest of the year too!  Keeping you and your family healthy during the winter requires effort on your part. Be pro-active and take action beginning today.


To help you fight back against the cold and flu season I have a 5 Day Immune Boosting for Winter Wellness Plan that you can request for FREE. Register today and keep yourself and your family healthy this winter.


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Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Doterra Oils or Palmetto Grace Oils.