Restore Your Gut in 8 Weeks


Imagine kissing…

food allergies


leaky gut

toxic pounds


brain fog

and adrenal fatigue

goodbye forever.

Give me 8 weeks and I’ll help you get there…and then some.



Introducing the 8-Week

Restore Your Gut Health program

the only program designed to help you rehabilitate your gut and reclaim the life you deserve.



I know you’ve been waiting for…


Some miracle to fix your subpar digestive system that plagues you with painful belly bloat, food intolerances, constipation or diarrhea, and stomach upset on a daily basis.


An answer to your constant exhaustion, gurgling and out of whack hormones.


Someone to show you that it IS possible to lose those last 10 pounds you can’t shake.


The chance to feel normal again, like you used to feel before stress, poor food choices and…well, life…got in the way.


The problem is:

Miracle cures and quick fixes? They don’t work long-term. Ever. Especially when it comes to the health of your body’s second brain—your gut.


So what DOES work?


My 8-week gut health plan that’s designed around the concept of bio-individuality. Translation? I know there’s no one magic cure for anyone…especially when it comes to your gut health.


That’s why I’ve designed a program to help you learn which foods SERVE your unique body and which foods HARM your unique body…because believe it or not, just because it’s “healthy,” doesn’t mean it’s the right food for you.


Let me say that again:


Just Because it's Healthy


For example—those hard-boiled eggs you love?

Could be the source of your loose stools. Fabulous, isn’t it?


That green roughage you’ve been chowing down on?

Could be the reason your stomach is always in cramp mode.


Those powdered “health” shakes you drink?

Could be loading your body up with harmful bacteria and chemicals.


But don’t worry…I have the solution for you.


The best part?

It’s all inside this one phenomenal program.


So, if you’re ready to:


… then welcome home, gorgeous.


Sign up and get started today:







I’m Terri King, proud graduate of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition and Certified Digestive Specialist.


I struggled for years with an unhealthy gut, without realizing that all my health issues were due to the health of my gut. How can I be so sure? I no longer have any of the aches and pains I had prior to restoring my gut to health.

Not until I hired my own health coach did I learn that my gut was fundamental to my health and that food matters.

As I was learning about eating healthier, I bought every health book out there, watched all the shows, and spent hours on the Internet researching the right foods for my body.


What I discovered is that there IS no “right” food! We’re all different and have unique nutritional needs.

And that’s what I’m here to prove to you over the course of 8 jam-packed weeks.


Did you know that the health of your gut will make or break your overall health?


You heard me right—

if your gut health is wonky, every system and organ in your body is going to be just as shaky.


So that…

Extra weight?


Poor sleep?

Belly bloat?



Chronic health issues?



Yep…you can most likely chalk that all up to poor gut health.


All of these symptoms are your body’s way of telling you it’s time for a change.


So let’s do this. Together.




Restore Your Gut Program


Restore Your Gut




I know you’re probably thinking:

There is no way that all of my symptoms can be chalked up to poor gut health…


Short answer:

Maybe not.


Long answer:

But it’s a really good start, especially when you consider these truths:



That’s what makes this program so different.


Restore Your Gut


This 8-week adventure teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious but that also SERVE your body… and you’ll never have to count a single calorie.


Instead, you’ll learn how to effortlessly meet your health goals over an 8-week period.


The outcome? A new, healthier, happier you.


This is more than a strategy; it’s a movement. A revolution.

You’re about to embark on a life-changing experience, because you’re about to ditch the “miracle cure mentality” forever.


In 8 Weeks




A Little More About Me


I was looking for more than a quick fix. I wanted to make lifelong changes.


This happened for me when I attended the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. I was always interested in health, but when I graduated as a certified coach, I wanted to learn all I could about our gut. That’s when I went back to school and became a Digestive Health Specialist.


Then I had to decide how I could bring all my knowledge to the table and help you get gut healthy. That’s when I chose to create a program that would help people take small steps towards lifelong, sustainable changes.


If you’re feeling confused about what to eat or how to actually feel good again like you’re meant to feel, then this is the program for you.


But, fair warning: it’s about so much more than just what’s on your plate.


I’ll teach you how to become a healthy person in a completely different way. These tools, tactics, and resources are designed to help you reduce stress, achieve your goals, live a healthier life, and learn how to balance everything that fills up your crazy schedule.


These are the same tools that work for me, and my clients. So I know they’ll work for you, too.


Don’t spend another ounce of energy thinking about when or what to eat.

This program guarantees results AND takes the headache out of “What should I eat today?”


It’s time to get your energy, your gut, your body, and your life back.


So take the first step.

Start feeling your best today. Glow from the inside out.

Feel outstanding no matter how busy your life is, because you deserve to feel incredible with every breath.


I promise you this:

You will not starve.

You will not be deprived.

You will thrive.

No more diets.

No more confusion.

No more miracle cures.

No more wondering which foods are right for you.


Just a simple, 8-week program delivered straight to you the moment you click




Restore Your Gut Testimonial


“I could not believe how amazing I felt after 2 weeks. I had no idea grains were making me so tired and bloated. I had no energy. I was eating sugar and could not give it up. I started this program and wrote in my food diary daily. I had a ah-ha moment when I ate oatmeal and felt exhausted. Since I gave up grains, no more rumbling in my stomach.

Thank you. Thank you.”





It’s time. Invest in yourself and finally learn how to:

  • Prepare wholesome and delicious meals for the whole family
  • Fill your body up with the right foods
  • Show your body’s “second brain” some serious love so it can love you back in every way
  • Reboot your cells, recharge your organs and revitalize your life
  • Become the best version of YOU



You ready?


Let’s go.


Restore Your Gut Testimonials


“ For years I had acid reflux after I ate. I tried everything. I felt hopeless. I was scared to eat. I started doing this program and within 6 weeks, I felt like a new person. I learned how to properly combine my foods. I learned about cultured foods and my body is changing. I am so blessed. I am so thankful. I would not be here without you.”



“I was gaining weight and yet I was not eating too much food. I could not figure out what was wrong.  I thought I was eating healthy but realized I was eating foods that were not right for my body. I learned about probiotics and cultured foods. I also learned I needed to change the way I reacted to stress and this program helped me. I am grateful to have my life back.”





The beauty of this program is that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to join this program! We’ll meet virtually in our private portal. 




I’m living proof, as are my clients, that transformation to better health is possible. Take control of your health today and get started on the most important 8 week journey you will ever experience.


Contact me for more info about 1:1 coaching to support you throughout this program or in making sustainable changes that will help you reach your health goals.

I can’t wait to see how this 8 week program will transfrom your life.

Let’s get this adventure started!

You CAN do this,