The Not So Perfect Christmas 10 Day Challenge

The Holidays are HERE!!!

Are you Ready?

I’m not sure any of us are ever truly ready, but we spend a lot of energy trying to get ready, don’t we?

Our expectations are high and our realities often bring on more stress than we can handle.

Would you be willing to take some action that would help alleviate some of your holiday stress?

The Not So Perfect Christmas 10 Day Challenge

Offers you 10 days of tips and challenges to help you navigate the upcoming holidays like a pro. 

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A Picture Perfect Christmas

The Complicated Family

3 Tips For Dealing With Family Issues During The Holidays

Christmas Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Enjoyable

It’s Not About The Big Presents And Fancy Decorations

Making The Most Of Your Time And Your Resources This Holiday Season

A Case For A Simple Christmas

Christmas Traditions Are Important

Sometimes Christmas Sucks. That’s Ok

 Finding Joy During A Stressful Holiday Season

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The Not So Perfect Christmas 10 Day Challenge

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