5 Day Walk and Wellness Challenge https://www.balancedhealthandyou.com


Health is a State of Body

Wellness is a State of Being 

– J Stanford


5 Days to Focus on Your Wellness


You will be challenged to take steps toward wellness and to get up and walk.


A Simple 5 Day Plan of Action that will have a life-long impact on your health. 



True wellness is about small changes that turn into habits,

and that’s what we’re focusing on during the

5 Day Walk & Wellness Challenge. 


You’ll commit to walking each day and taking action on the daily wellness challenges. 


Over the next 5 days you will receive a daily email with an action plan for the day.


Sign up today to get started on your journey toward wellness.



5 Day Walk & Wellness Challenge https://www.balancedhealthandyou.com