Pumpkins – Pumpkins – Pumpkins

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pumpkin PUMPKINS

Pumpkin Season arrived on September 21st when the calendar flipped to Fall. Summer has ended and a new season of fun has arrived.

I get all excited when Fall arrives, with the beauty of the colors, the crispness of the air, and PUMPKINS.

Of course, living in the south, the crispness of the air doesn’t arrive until the end of October, but pumpkins are everywhere.

We can’t carve our pumpkins and display them on our porches – they tend to collapse within a week. But we can enjoy them in the kitchen.

That’s my favorite way to enjoy pumpkins. The pumpkin patch opens and I start looking for recipes. I have my favorites, which I’ll be sharing with you at the end of this blog, but I also like to look for new recipes each year.

In fact, I tried a new one this week. Here’s a picture of my first “stuffed pumpkin” adventure; a recipe I found on Pinterest.

stuffed pumpkin

Let’s just say it was delicious.

Pumpkins are such a “superfood” and I encourage you to include them in your Fall meal planning. Purchase the pie pumpkins to make your soups, pies or to roast.

The problem most of us have is “TIME” and I feel your pain. Who has time to cut open a pumpkin, pull out all the seeds and then roast for an hour or so? Probably not you. Right?

Well, thankfully you can still enjoy the deliciousness of pumpkin. All you need to do is to add “organic pumpkin puree” to your shopping list and pick up a few cans during the season.

There are plenty of pumpkin recipes that call for “pumpkin puree” for you to enjoy.

To get you started, I want to give you 5 of my favorite Simple, Delicious, Healthy Pumpkin Recipes. Only one recipe requires cooking (a slow cooker) and the other four whip up quickly and are ready to enjoy.

Not only will you receive 5 of my favorite recipes, you’ll also learn why pumpkins are considered a “superfood”; which will encourage you to add pumpkins to your Fall meal planning.

Get started today, request your personal copy of my Simple, Delicious, Healthy Pumpkin Recipes today and let me know which pumpkin recipe is your favorite. As for me, I can’t decide – that’s why these are my favorites.