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It’s Autumn

A New Season With A Harvest of

Delicious Vegetables and Fruits



Every season offers its own variety of vegetables and fruits, and I’m not sure I like one season more than the other. What I do enjoy, is switching up my menu planning to seasonal vegetables and fruits.


In fact, I tend to choose the fruit of the month, then find recipes that use that particular fruit to make my weekly dessert. Vegetables are just as much fun to fix different ways while they’re in season.


Now that Autumn is here, I’m busy collecting recipes to begin my Autumn cooking. If you haven’t seen my first recipe for Autumn, search for my Mountain Apple Pound Cake on my blog – definitely a keeper recipe.


All this seasonal shopping made me realize that you may not be aware of the vegetables and fruits that are in season.

Our grocery stores now carry all seasons of vegetables and fruits, which conditions us to overlook what is actually in season. Now we can buy strawberries in December – that just takes all the fun out of May.


Here’s the thing, there’s a reason specific vegetables and fruits are grown in particular seasons. Your body requires their specific nutrients. Did you know that broccoli grown in the spring has different nutrients than what is grown in the fall? I didn’t – but the soil has different nutrients during different growing seasons.


Think about what vegetables and fruits are grown seasonally;

Spring offers light and fresh, Summer offers hydration, Fall offers fiber, fat and protein.

Exactly what our body requires during those seasons.


Now is the time to help your body transition from Summer to Autumn.

This transition will prepare your body for those cold Winter months.


To help you begin your transition, I want to offer you an E-Guide that highlights some of my favorite

Autumn vegetables and fruits.



Let’s get our body ready for Winter.

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