Fun & Spooky Halloween Treats

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Halloween is here and candy is flying off the shelves at every store. We’ll have more candy than we know what to do with.


Have you ever considered the massive sugar rush we allow our children to experience on this particular day of the year? I feel for the teachers and what they must go through on the day after Halloween. 


Now that my focus is on eating healthier and staying away from as much processed food as possible, I’m more aware of what we’re feeding our children. My children are grown and are parents themselves, and I’ve become the “food monitor” for my grandchildren when they’re at my home. Not a fun job, but someone has to do it. They’ve gotten used to grandma’s healthy snacks and just roll their eyes whenever I tell them that all that other “stuff” is poison.  😉 


We’ve always had fun in the kitchen and they know that we’re going to make something when they come for the weekend. I call it “fun food”.


So, not to be the weirdo grandmother, I came up with some “Fun & Spooky” Halloween Treats that actually gets me some giggles. 


I want to share them with you so that you can have some fun in the kitchen this Halloween and get some giggles too. These are 10 of my favorite “Fun and Spooky” recipes and they’re yours for the asking.


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Let’s keep the kids smiling this Halloween without the massive sugar rush. 

Fun & Spooky Halloween Treats

Fun & Spooky Treats

Fun & Spooky Halloween Treats 

10 Fun Recipes

To Make Your Halloween Party

Fun & Spooky


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