End Emotional Eating

end emotional eating


Quick Question:


Do you find yourself mindlessly eating when you’re







Have you gained weight over the course of time due to mindless eating?

Emotional Eating / Binge Eating / Stressed Eating


Those are a few names for this mindless eating habit you may have experienced.

Let’s face it…


This type of eating causes us to gorge on unhealthy food; which leads to all sorts of health problems beginning with weight gain.  

Find out what you can do to overcome such eating habits and how you can take control of your emotions, rather than your emotions taking control of you. 



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7 Symptoms of Emotional Eating

 Food and Mood Journal 

10 Tips To End Emotional Eating



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Let me introduce myself…


My name is Terri King and I’m a certified health and wellness coach who helps people reach their health and wellness goals physically and emotionally.


Like you, I have found myself eating mindlessly when stressed, bored, depressed, frustrated, and other emotional triggers. Learning to recognize my triggers has helped me overcome mindless eating.

I want this for you too. Helping you recognize and overcome your emotional triggers will be one of your first steps toward reaching your health goals.

I look forward to meeting you in our Healthy Living for Life members group and sharing your journey toward better health with you.

Here’s to a lifetime of Fitness and Health,

Terri King