spring smoothies

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Spring is here!

If I had to pick my favorite season, Spring would win.

We shed those heavy winter clothes, bring out our light-weight pastel color sweaters, throw open the windows, and get ready for lighter days.

Our eating changes too.

Gone are the heavy soups and stews that kept us nice and warm during the winter season.

From fresh berries to fresh spring greens, we’re ready to lighten up our plates too. Our body is ready to naturally detox with the fresh fruits and vegetables of spring.

Delicious spring smoothies are a great way to transition from winter to spring. Pull out your blender and get creative with your favorite fresh berries and leafy greens.

Green smoothies:

Green is the color of spring and the color of spring smoothies.

Green smoothies begin with your favorite leafy greens like, kale, spinach, arugula, and microgreens. These greens are rich in nutrients and are just what your body is craving during the spring season. Mix your greens with a little water and you’ve got a bitter mixture that you may not enjoy.

Enter your favorite fruit.  

Here are my favorite spring smoothies.

Green and Fresh Smoothie


2 cups  Spinach                                                         

2 cups  Kale                                                               

2 cups Swiss chard                                                    

2 cups Dairy free milk                                               

3 cups Ripe Avocado or Seedless Grapes                


Blend in your leafy green vegetables and liquid base first. Once that’s good, add your fruit of choice.

Note: Use one of the fruits in frozen form to add a chill to your smoothie.


Spring Green Kale and Green Apple Smoothie


1 1/2 cups         Dairy free milk                                               

1/4 teaspoon   Ginger powder/ fresh ginger                       

1/4 teaspoon   Turmeric powder/fresh turmeric                    

1 handful         Spinach                                                         

1 medium       Green apple (peeled and cored)                                  

3                       Kale leaves                                                    

1                       Lemon                                                           




Add the spinach, apple and kale leaves one by one to dairy free milk and blend. Add the lemon, ginger, turmeric, ice, and blend again.            

Note: Dairy free milks are loaded with vitamins and proteins. They are packed with minerals. The best part is they are cholesterol free which makes them very easy to digest.


Fruit smoothies:

Not a fan of green smoothies, fruit smoothies are a great addition to your smoothie routine. Drink fruit smoothies after your workout, or as a healthy snack between meals.  

Banana Berry Yogurt Smoothie


1 large     Banana – peeled and sliced                                                         

3 cups     Frozen strawberries/raspberries                    

1/2 cup   Plain non-dairy yogurt                                  

1              Fresh orange – peeled and seeded                                                

1/2 cup  Ice                                                                 



Add all ingredients in the blender and blend. Don’t forget to take out the seeds of the orange.


Spring is the time of renewal and your gut health deserves nurturing as you transition from winter to spring. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, let smoothies be your go-to drink in the morning and for your afternoon energy boost.

Click the image below to request my favorite smoothie recipes for Spring. 


5 Smoothie Recipes for Spring