Apples for better health

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Apple Season, one of my favorite seasons of the year. Short – September and October, sweet, and oh so healthy.

Did you know that you should begin eating an apple a day beginning in September?

Your digestive system is smarter than you know, and it knows that it’s time to begin transitioning from the water-based fruits and vegetables of summer to the high fiber root vegetables of fall.

Apples are key to this transition.

First, you should eat seasonally. Your body is designed for seasonal eating, which is hard to do when every fruit and vegetable is available all year long.

Second, you should allow your body to transition from one season to the next. Spring leafy greens helps your body transition from the heavy foods of winter to the light foods of summer. Apples prepares your digestive system for fall.

Apples are now available in many flavors and the benefits of adding apples to your daily meal planning are as abundant as the apples at your local farmer’s market.

Are you aware that apples may help you lose weight?

The lazy hazy days of summer have come to an end and the holiday season is fast approaching.

Snacking on an apple a day is a sure way to help maintain or lose a little weight. Low in calories, high in fiber, full of vitamins and water, apples are the perfect daily snack. Choose an apple as your morning snack or your afternoon snack to help keep you on track with your healthy eating plan.

Keep your heart healthy with apples.

Apples are full of soluble fiber, which helps you lower your bad cholesterol. The polyphenols in apples also help lower your blood pressure. Great reasons to eat an apple or two a day.

Eat the skin of the apple to lower your blood sugar.

Apple skins have been shown to help reduce insulin resistance for those who struggle with blood sugar problems. The skin of the apple contains the polyphenols which helps your pancreas release insulin into your body.

Not only does the fiber of the apple help you stay fuller longer, but the skin also helps your blood sugar stay balanced.

Reduce inflammation and boost your immune system with an apple.

Many suffer with some form of inflammation, and you may be suffering yourself. Inflammation attacks your joints, your organs, your entire body in varying degrees.

With all the pollutants that you are exposed to, your immune system is under constant attack. You may find yourself getting sick more often than ever before.

Can eating an apple help reduce your inflammation?

Can eating an apple boost your immune system?

Studies say, “Yes.”

An apple’s soluble fiber has shown to help in reducing the inflammation that many suffer with.

The vitamins, especially vitamin C, has shown to boost your immune system.

Both wonderful benefits just from eating an apple or two each day.

Eat your apples for their anticancer benefits.

Like inflammation, cancer seems to be everywhere. I have said many times, “we should not know this many people with cancer.” Sadly, we do though.

I feel like I’m repeating myself, but the polyphenols found in apples seems to be the greatest benefit you can get from eating an apple.

Polyphenols found in apples have shown to contain anti-cancer and anti-tumor agents. 

Let’s recap why you will want to eat an apple or two each day, especially during the fall season.

  • Helps your body transition from summer to fall foods
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Works to keep you heart healthy
  • Helps lower your blood sugar
  • Reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system
  • Contains anti-cancer properties

There are many varieties of apples with various textures and flavors. Some apples are best for eating, while others are best for cooking. Use this “Know Your Apples” guide to help you select the best apples to use this apple season.

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