About Terri King

My story

Hi, I’m Terri King, and I began my health journey like so many others, maybe just like you.

I was over 50 pounds heavier than I needed to be – which put me in the “obese” category for my height. The scale refused to go down – only up. Nothing was working and believed I was trying. Not much of a diet plan person, I would try eating what I thought was healthy. I really believed I was well on my way to losing my weight and getting healthy.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

What I discovered was that I didn’t know how to eat healthy. I thought I did, but I know now that my concept of healthy eating was based on wrong information.

When nothing was working and the weight was still climbing, I contacted a health coach asking for help.

I told her that I wanted to lose weight, I was suffering from joint inflammation, had fatigue, irritable and really didn’t expect positive results.

That was my mindset going in. 

She took me under her wing anyway, and gave me the tools, support and encouragement to change my mindset and to learn how to eat in a true healthy way. 

Fast-forward a year later, I had lost 56 pounds, my daughter had lost 70 pounds. I felt great and no longer had joint inflammation.

Plus, I have maintained this weight loss for over 5 years – just by eating real whole healthy food. No diets – no gimmicks.  

This was not something I wanted to keep to myself. There are others who needed to know how to have success with their health and I wanted to help them. 

The only way I knew how to help others was to become a health coach myself. I researched various schools and chose The Institute of Transformation Nutrition. 

I completed the year long course, graduated and received my certification. I have since taken another course and received certification as a Digestive Health Specialist.

 I am now a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Digestive Health Specialist. 

What does this mean for you?

My mission is to reach out to women and men who are struggling with their health caused by various forms of inflammation. 

My motto:          “Your Gut Knows Why Your Sick”

My joy comes from people just like you, who work with me and discover how they can heal their bodies by following a simple healthy plan of action.

Sickness is everywhere you look and my greatest pain is in knowing that I can help them if only they wanted to take the steps toward transformation. 

Are you ready to transform your life and become the healthiest version of yourself?

Feedback & Reviews

At Balanced Health I offer multiple programs that teach how to eat healthier and to help you digestive system become healthier. 

” After trying to lose weight for many years, I began to follow the healthy eating plan and am watching the scale finally move down. Thank you for making eating healthy so simple and for your encouragement. “

F. H.

Mother of 4

” When you told me that I needed to heal my gut before I would be able to lose weight, I didn’t believe you. I’m a believer now. Thank you. “

D. A.


” Can you lose weight and still eat?Yes! Thank you Terri for showing me how.”

R. G.

Administrative Assistant

What can I do for you?

Healing you from the inside out with one healthy food choice at a time. 

I’m a Transformational Nutrition Coach that works with individuals who are ready to change their health.

Nothing gets me excited more than when I meet with an individual who is tired and fed up with their current health problems. They’re ready for a change and are willing to take the steps to make that change happen. 

When you discover that you’re tired of being tired and you’re fed up with being sick and overweight; then you’re ready to take on a plan of action that will transform your life forever.  

I’ve worked with women and men who have seen what eating a healthy diet can do for them.

Are you a believer?

A believer in that the food you eat truly impacts every aspect of your health. 

I enjoy working with people who never knew, like me, that the foods they were eating were actually destroying their health. Then when they begin to change their eating habits they have more energy, their inflammation begins to go away and they lose weight. 

Become a believer and take the challenge to transform your life through eating healthier. 

I can help you turn your health around – Are you ready?

Are you ready to discover what steps you need to take to get healthier? Every individual is different, so every path to health is different. 

The best way to get started is to meet with me to discuss where you are and your health goals. You can contact me today and we’ll set up an appointment to get you started. 

Ready to Get Started?

Contact me and we’ll set up an appointment to discuss your best plan toward health. 

Let me help you meet your health goals in the right ways.