6 Ways to Sneak Wellness into Your Workday

6 Ways to Sneak Wellness into Your Workday

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Let’s Get Sneaky


My previous post Indoor Workouts You Can Do When It’s Cold Outside drew some attention from busy women who felt there wasn’t another moment in their day to include exercise.


My goal as a coach is to provide you, the busy woman, the tools necessary to live healthy. So let me give you some ways you can actually sneak wellness into your workday, without adding more to your plate.


I understand that daily workouts can be quite difficult to fit into your busy schedule and often causes us to throw our hands up and give up altogether.  That’s what I am hearing from the busy women group.


We can frequently have an all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to exercise, but this way of thinking is harming our health — so, let’s put it to rest today, and let’s talk about how we can do that.


A workout doesn’t have to mean an hour and a half of sweating at the gym. I’m working out and sweating while writing this post (more on that later).  We can find ways to sprinkle wellness into our everyday lives, and we can even fit wellness into our workday. 



Here are 6 ways to focus on wellness during your workday…


1.Think about your transport methods

Your workday essentially begins as soon as you leave your home in the mornings.  If at all possible, you could walk or cycle to work instead of using public transportation or your car.  Not only is this great exercise, but it’ll also allow you to start your day off in a much calmer way, rather than stuck in traffic (remember our issue with cortisol?)


If your workplace is too far to choose this plan, decide to park as far away from the building as possible.  Doing so will create the opportunity to walk a bit further, getting some extra steps in.  Also, ditch the elevator and take the stairs.  You’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll make over time!


When I began to utilize this plan into my workday, I had to challenge myself to get started. Now, I’ve made a habit of looking for unique ways to add steps to my day. If I need to go back and forth from one area to another, I don’t let it frustrate me, I tell myself that I’m accomplishing my step goals the effortless way.


If you aren’t able to add any of these suggestions to your day, can you buy an under-the-desk cycle? This has been the best investment I’ve made for myself. For less than $100 I can exercise all day long. I’ve been peddling away while writing this post. 


2.Make your office space greener


office plants

An excellent way to lighten your mood at work is to make your work-space comfortable and inviting.  Find some plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight and add as many as you’d like to your office area. Try an Aloe Vera plant, Snake plant, Baby Rubber plant; you can find plenty of ideas on Pinterest. Live plants will also assist in cleansing the air in your office, which is an added benefit to the beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to water and feed them.


Aside from the greenery, keeping your office space clutter-free will help you feel more productive and less stressed.  Creating an organization routine you can maintain will help keep your office space running smoothly.  I get edgy when my work area is cluttered and unorganized. If you find yourself on edge during the day, take a step back and critically look at your work area. What do you see?


Don’t forget the photos of your loved ones to lift your spirits, along with positive affirmations to visit daily!



3.Work on your posture


               desk slouching            VS.   desk posture


I wish someone would make a contraption that would hold my shoulders back while I’m sitting at the desk. Good posture is a conscious effort we must make, especially when we slouch in office chairs for most of the day.  I know, I know — it’s more comfortable usually — but the long-term effects are not.  I don’t want to end up with a hunched back because I’ve not taken care of my core posture.


If you need a better chair, it is well worth the investment.  Look up ergonomic chairs and visit your local office supply store to try some out in person.  Good posture will assist you in concentrating better, and lessen those back aches you take home with you daily. 


Pay attention to your posture during the day and make a commitment to correct any bad habits you have formed.



4.Make use of your lunch break

My biggest challenge is stopping for lunch. Whether you work for yourself or have endless deadlines, it’s time to stop working through your lunch break.


One of the best ways to add wellness into your workday is to bring a healthy lunch, and then, stop long enough to eat it. Challenge yourself to prepare your lunches ahead of time. Whether you prepare them all on Sunday afternoon or each evening before you go to bed; you won’t be rushed in the morning to come up with a lunch to make.


Do you need some healthy lunch ideas?  Head on over to Pinterest and look up some new, delicious looking healthy lunches you can start taking with you.  If there’s time, squeeze in a 10-minute walk after you eat for better digestion and a clearer mind. 



5.Always have healthy snacks nearby

I get it — sometimes when you’re racing against the clock to meet a deadline, you crave a sugar boost to keep you going.  Keeping healthy snacks in your office will help curb your snack cravings while not having to resort to the vending machine.  Dried fruit, nuts, dark chocolate or healthy granola bars are great options that will keep in your desk without going bad.


Not sure what snacks to have on hand; read my previous post 5 Healthy Weight-Los Friendly Snacks You’ll Love.


6.Don’t forget to drink your water

Ah, water, we’ve discussed our need for water previously and we know how important staying hydrated is for your health. Yet, it’s often so undervalued when we’re so busy. I can easily forget to drink my water during the day when I’m super busy.


Staying hydrated will help your focus and give you natural energy.  Dehydration is one of the leading causes of tiredness, headaches, and cravings.  So, be sure to keep the water flowing throughout the day.  You won’t regret it. 



These are my 6 simple ways to begin implementing wellness into your workday every day.  You’ll find that the positive changes will reveal themselves quickly, and you’ll crave the good feelings, wanting more. I know I do. It’s not about perfection — true wellness is about finding ways to fit it into your schedule and about making the best choice available with what you’re given. 


What are a few ways you plan to add some wellness into your workday?  


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