5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Workday Stress

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Workday stress seems to be everywhere, especially where there are shortages of employees. More and more people are feeling the pressure of higher expectations, with little regard for their emotional health. 

I’m seeing more clients dealing with feelings of anxiousness, trouble concentrating, stomach problems, muscle tension, headaches, problems sleeping, and more.

Are you feeling the stress of your workday? You may be experiencing many of the symptoms of workday stress and aren’t sure how to overcome these symptoms.

Here are 5 ways to ease your workday stress, restore your energy and become emotionally strong.

Have a daily plan of action

What’s your plan for the coming week?

So many of us get up on Monday morning without an action plan. Sure, you’ve got obligations that need to be taken care of, but there’s no plan. A plan of action will help relieve the stress and anxiety of the day.

Before you retire on Sunday evening, open your calendar, review your schedule, and plan for each day of the week. When you do, you’ll know what needs to be done each day, what’s important, and you’ll find it easier to stay on task as the day gets hectic.

When you have a daily plan of action, you’ll find yourself more at peace with less stress and anxiety.

Do away with clutter

Do you find yourself being agitated?

Clutter causes agitation. Agitation causes stress. Stress causes health problems. Let’s get rid of the clutter, especially on your desk. When you arrive at work and your work area is cluttered from yesterday’s leftovers, you’re not going to feel ready for the day ahead. At the end of each workday, take a few minutes to clear the clutter from your work area. When you arrive the next day, you’ll feel ready to begin your day with purpose and more energy.

Know your Distractions 

From emails to chatting with co-workers, you may find your day filled with distractions.

When distractions happen your mind becomes fatigued, which leads to mistakes, and frustration. It is important to know your distractions and how to handle them appropriately.

Learn to set boundaries with your co-workers, time block your projects, and block your online distractions. You’ll find yourself more productive with lower stress.

You deserve a break

Are you a “break” skipper?

Studies have shown that you are less productive when you skip taking a break during your workday. Stepping away and allowing your mind to relax will increase your productivity, allow you to make better decisions,

Take a short walk to a different location in your building or outside. and lower your stress. Detach yourself from the work you are involved in. Take time for breathing exercises, stretch, and refresh.

Take time for meditation

Meditation is one of the easiest ways to de-stress during the workday. You’ll be able to regulate your emotions, reduce your stress, increase your focus, and become more engaged with the tasks at hand.

Use guided meditation or simple breathing exercises that can center you and bring you back to yourself in the moments that work begins to feel overwhelming. You can even choose to start your day or lunch break with a short meditation from your favorite meditation app. 

Workday stress is not your friend. Commit to using these five stress reducing techniques to help you become centered and energized as you go through your workday.

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