3 Tips when you slip up

3 Tips To Conquer Those Slip-ups with Your Health Goals

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Let’s don’t beat ourselves up over those slip-ups while we’re on this health journey. Rather than allowing those slip-ups to conquer you, why not learn how to conquer them? That’s what I had to do and that’s what I teach my clients.


A Slip-up with your health goals is not failure.

Let me repeat: A Slip-up with your health goals is not failure.


Summer is officially over and the holidays are fast approaching. You’re going to have slip-ups. I know you try to be superwoman, but we’re all human and we’re all prone to those moments of “I’ll just have one”, or “I’ll skip my exercise for today.” I’ve been there and so have many of my clients.


As we have begun to look at our fall schedule, many of my clients are ending the summer feeling bad about themselves because they had too much fun this summer. I just want to say, “How can you have too much fun?”


You may be feeling the same way. Take a breath, it’s okay. When you’re constantly on the go, you’re bound to have a slip-up now and then.


Your health is important and I applaud you for taking the initiative to travel this journey toward better health. But, let’s don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself, your body is under enough stress from your crazy busy life. Right?


It happens to us all — you’ve been crushing your health goals, and things are going great.  Until vacation rolls around, and the endless buffet on your cruise ship derails you…or so you think.  We often feel shame afterward, and it’s common to let these “slip-ups” demotivate us. The important piece of this puzzle is learning how not to let such a thing hinder you and how to find your motivation to jump back on track.  


Here are a few of my favorite ways I do this in my own life…


Don’t use a slip-up as an excuse 

When you have a cupcake that you’ve deemed forbidden to eat, an easy trap to fall into is turn it into a downward spiral.  You feel as if you’ve already “messed up,” so what’s another cupcake, or three? 


This mindset often continues with the rest of your day — you’ll just turn it into a cheat day, you say.  When you reason with yourself in this way, you can easily let one treat turn into an entire day or weekend of less than healthy eating choices.  Don’t let one treat spoil your plans; bounce right back and choose to balance your decision with a very healthy lunch or an extra side of greens at dinner.  


Enjoy the cupcake, and move right along. 



Observe and learn from your habits 

Instead of seeing your slip-up as a failure, find the lesson in it.  Often people tend to identify with the mistakes or successes they experience.  I invite you to look at the slip-up and search for the reasons behind it. 


Dig deep to find what triggered you to make the choices you did, which can also lead to finding a way to prevent it from becoming a habit in the future.  Sometimes a fresh gelato on vacation is just a necessity!  But when habits creep in that derail your health plans on a regular basis, they are worth observing and learning from. I’ve discovered that a sugar addiction causes the most derailments to our health journey.


If you discovered that you couldn’t control yourself after eating one sugary treat, you possibly have a sugar addiction. I have a program that will give you the tools and education to stop your love with sugar, just shoot me an email and we’ll plan a strategy session together.  



Seek out for support from others

Feeling supported and being motivated by others is a great way to breeze past your slip-ups and get back in the health game.  That’s exactly what I do as a Health Coach, and I’d love to chat with you about how I can help you reach your health goals and not get derailed.  


Hope these few tips will help encourage you to stay the course on your health journey. Start using these tips now so that they’ll become a habit for you by the time the holiday season arrives. Give yourself a pep-talk and let’s conquer those slip-ups. Small slips will no longer sabotage your motivation.  Having the wisdom to see it for what it is, not let it keep you from pursuing your goals, is the fuel that will keep you on track for many years to come. 


Remember, a slip is just that – a slip. Just get back up and keep going forward with your health journey.


Stop stressing and start living.


Are you looking for some encouragement and support as you travel your journey toward better health? Join our members Facebook Group – Healthy Living For Life, a community where we’re all on this health journey together. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


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